Practice of drawing frame using the self leveling

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Practice of drawing frame with self leveling device

fa326 drawing frame is a high-speed drawing frame with self leveling device produced by Shenyang Hongda Textile machinery company. Our company purchased two sets at the end of 2001, and equipped with BYD type short film segment self leveling device produced by Luoyang 613 Institute. It adopts the single blending process after finishing and is used to spin JC14.5 variety. After more than two years of use, the equipment operates normally and the product quality is stable, It is very suitable for the single and parallel process after finishing. The following is a brief introduction to the performance characteristics, process performance and use management of FA326 drawing frame:

I. main technical parameters of FA326 drawing frame:

l, eye count: 2

2, mechanical speed: up to 600 meters

3, suitable fiber length: 22 ~ 76mm

4, feeding type: overhead positive feeding

5, drafting type: three up and three down pressure bars plus guide roller curve drafting

6 Total draft multiple: 5.6 ~ 9.7 times

7. Pressurization type: Cradle spring pressurization

8. Roller diameter/mm: upper roller: 34, 34, 30, 34

lower roller: 45, 35, 35

9. Barrel changing type: rear in front out chain push rod type

10. Universal material testing machine from Jinan, pressure testing machine Bending resistance testing machine is the main instrument and equipment for the quality inspection of building materials. Leveling type: open-loop self leveling

II. Main structural characteristics of FA326 drawing frame:

l. Transmission mode: a large number of toothed belts are used for transmission, which makes the transmission more stable and low noise. The drafting system adopts circular arc toothed belt transmission, which has strong load bearing capacity and stable transmission without clearance, which is conducive to improving the drafting quality

2. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which is convenient to adjust. The control system adopts PLC control, and the whole machine has a high degree of automation

3. Drafting mechanism: adopt the three up and three down pressure bar plus guide roller curve drafting type. The cotton first passes through the back area for pre drafting, and then enters the main drafting area. The pressure bar plays a role in strengthening the control of slow fibers in the main drafting area, which is conducive to improving the drafting quality

4. The guide bar feeding adopts the overhead type to actively feed people in a clockwise direction. The head eye and tail eye of the car are separately driven by the flat belt. The cotton sliver is actively fed through the guide bar roller. The cotton sliver is arranged in a row on the guide bar roller with the help of the sliver separator. The guide bar part is equipped with three groups of optoelectric self-stop detection heads. This guide bar structure is easy to operate, which can effectively reduce accidental drafting, avoid flying flowers, and is conducive to improving the quality of cotton sliver

5. Automatic barrel changing: a separate motor drives the chain to push out the full barrel and feed the empty barrel at the same time, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers

6. The air suction system adopts an independent cotton suction box, which is located on the central line outside the host, and can arbitrarily adjust the size of the air volume, and can make the air suction effect of the left and right eyes consistent, which is very beneficial to reducing yarn defects

7、 Equipped with by[) type short segment self leveling device produced by Luoyang 613 Institute, it can effectively control short segment unevenness by adopting all detection and all leveling methods.

III. process configuration: spinning jcl4.5

l, cotton distribution situation

2, process flow

fa009 automatic cotton grabber -fal05a2 single axial flow cotton opener -fa029 multi bin cotton mixer -fal79 cotton feeder -fall6 main trash remover -fal78a cotton feeder -fa23l carding machine(with ft024 leveler) -Fa306 pre merging -e32 strip merging -e62 comber -fa326 drawing frame (with self leveling) -fa425 roving frame -fa506 spinning frame

3. Process commissioning

due to the self leveling device, we adopt 8-piece merging in one drawing. The motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the maximum speed can reach 600m/min. in combing production, considering the supply of front and rear matching tables and the requirements of yarn quality, we choose the speed of 300m/min. Orthogonal tests were carried out on the main process parameters that affect the quality, such as the holding distance of the roller, the drafting multiple of the rear area, and the high and low position of the pressure bar. The test results are as follows:

after the test, the final process is determined as follows: the holding distance of the front area is 42.5mm, the holding distance of the rear area is 47turn, the drafting multiple of the rear area is 1.3, and the pressure ring is Φ 13mm。

IV. The Influence of BYD self leveling and leveling injection screw on 100mm long fiber composites. The leveling setting of the setting

byd self leveling device is an open-loop short segment self leveling device suitable for high-speed drawing frame. It adopts the method of full detection and full leveling, and is controlled by two eyes independently, which can level the uneven segments with a length of more than 1.5 ~ 2cm in the feeding strip, It has perfect system self-test function and sliver production function, can display a number of process, quality, output and other data, and can send an alarm according to the quality limit set by the user, and automatically stop

in the BYD short segment self leveling device, it is very important to set various mechanical parameters and calibrate the detection sensor, dead zone length and magnification. Their accuracy is directly related to the time-delay synchronization and accuracy of the leveling effect to compensate the weight deviation of sliver. It is the key to the quality of the intelligent manufacturing of extrusion molding achieved by the leveling effect of BYD device

1. Process parameter setting:

byd can play its role only when the drawing frame process design is correct and accurately input into the BYD system. Improper process setting will lead to serious deterioration of the sliver quality. After the test, the main process parameters are set as follows: pre draft times 1.3, pre draft holding distance 47mm, main draft holding distance 42.5mm,

2 Reasonably set the dead zone length: the dead zone length is the distance between the jaw of the feeding detection mechanism of the drawing frame and the fiber speed change point in the adjustable drafting area, which directly affects the time difference between the detection of the sliver signal from the concave convex roller sensor and the action of the servo motor. It is one of the most important system parameters of BYD, and it directly affects the CV% of the sliver and the weight unevenness index of the sliver. To determine the dead zone length, the sliver test should be done, and the dead zone length should be determined according to the jumping curve of the sliver. Because the dead zone length is related to the drafting multiple of the back zone, the center distance of the middle and rear rollers and the length of raw cotton, the dead zone length of both eyes needs to be carefully adjusted every time the variety is changed or the process is adjusted

3. Reasonably select the magnification: the magnification affects the detection amount and evenness. Its manufacturing method is to mix the porous medium with the phase change material in the molten state. It is another important parameter of BYD. It directly affects the weight deviation and weight unevenness of cotton sliver production. It is related to the elasticity of feeding sliver and the pressure of concave convex roller, The magnification of both eyes needs to be adjusted every time the variety is changed or the process is adjusted

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