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Practice of skill training for application-oriented undergraduate students (2)

2 adhere to strict requirements and ensure teaching quality

teaching quality is the lifeline of students' vocational skill training. The work plan of skill training should be strictly implemented, and students should be strictly required at all stages

2.1 master the correct method of using measuring tools

the accurate use of measuring tools is the premise to ensure the processing quality of the whole workpiece. In the skill assessment, the main reason for the excessive deviation of some shapes and sizes is the ignorance or wrong use of individual measuring tools

therefore, we regard learning to accurately use measuring tools as the primary learning goal of students. In the process of operation training, we strictly require them to learn to accurately use measuring tools to measure the shape and size deviation of workpieces by repeatedly practicing the measurement of different workpieces and checking with accurate data, which can be used as the basis for judging the next processing

2.2 step by step, practice basic skills

undergraduate students who participate in the training generally have only participated in metalworking practice during their sophomore year, and are far from having the solid basic skills required by the skill assessment. To train students to master basic operation skills and control processing time, there must be a step-by-step process to improve processing speed and reduce physical waste, so as to ensure that the workpiece processing is completed within the specified examination time and the processing quality is guaranteed

at the initial stage of skill training, students need to practice and master the basic operations of various types of work, such as scoring, sawing, filing, drilling, reaming, tapping and workpiece measurement in locksmith, machine tool operation, tool setting, tool path programming, electrical parameter setting in other types of work, etc

in the pre exam training stage, for the consideration of the training efficiency of students in a specific view and confidence, we do not advocate the direct use of l o mm steel plates for the exam, but first practice the processing of 3 mm thick plates according to the training drawings. After mastering the basic operation skills and processing technology, we continue to improve the processing difficulty, from 5 mm, 8 mm to the final l o mm thick plates. The training process is from easy to difficult, Gradually let students adapt to and master the workload and time requirements of skill assessment

2.3 give full play to the guiding role of teachers

the skill training of mold makers includes the teaching of four types of work, the processing of skill assessment workpiece, and at least two types of work, including fitter and one of the machining types. Therefore, before skill training, instructors of all types of work should carry forward the spirit of teamwork and jointly develop a set of relatively complete and feasible processing technology for skill assessment workpieces, so as to guide students to master and apply them quickly

in the process of student training, the tour guidance of instructors is one of the main methods to find and solve various specific problems. In addition to understanding the students' basic operation skills, and correcting unreasonable processing technology, wrong operation posture and measurement methods at any time, we also pay attention to educating students to be hardworking, abide by discipline, and take good care of measuring tools and equipment

in addition, summarizing and evaluating in an appropriate way can also consolidate the effect of tour guidance and let students have a clear understanding of their own operation level. A student of Grade 2006, when he first participated in skill training, often asked for leave in the early stage of training because his understanding of him was still based on the requirements of metalworking practice and he did not pay enough attention to it ideologically. At the simulation training stage, the instructor checked the workpiece processed by the student and found that several parts of the dimensional accuracy were unqualified, and the processing quality could not meet the requirements of the drawing, and pointed out that there was a big gap between his skill operation level and the assessment requirements. After patiently listening to the instructor's comments, the student fully realized his shortcomings, and then took the initiative to ask for overtime practice. After paying almost twice as much time and effort as others, he finally successfully passed the skill assessment

due to the particularity of fitter operation, the habit of accurately operating skills and actions must be formed through repeated training. Moreover, the fitter's practical operation has high labor intensity and physical consumption. Students are easy to feel tired and their confidence in learning is easy to shake

in this regard, teachers should give full play to the role of organizing the teaching stage, teach students the purpose and significance of basic skills training, and deepen students' understanding of the importance of skills training, drinking water and plumbing pipes

in addition, we also require students to measure each set of workpiece after processing, and then score by themselves, and finally compare with the score given by the instructor to find out where their gap is, and then improve in the next processing

3 effect and evaluation

practice shows that after three weeks of skill intensive training, most students can pass the examination of the vocational skill appraisal center and obtain the intermediate mold manufacturing skill certificate issued by the Labor Department of guanger province. Among them, the passing rates of skill assessment in 2009, 2010 and 2011 were 98.1%, 100% and 98.9% respectively

several examiners from other units greatly appreciated the achievements made by the junior students of the Control Institute of the experimental machine in such a short time, and affirmed the skill training work of the engineering training center. The students who participated in the training also said that although the three-week training was very hard, they felt that they benefited a lot, further expanded their theoretical knowledge and significantly improved their practical ability. The acquisition of skill certificates also improves their job search when they graduate. The acquisition of skill certificates also provides the most powerful guarantee for them to find a job when they graduate

4 conclusion

"employment by skills and development by quality" has become the basic law for college students to achieve their careers. In the fierce employment competition, whether they have a skill has become an important yardstick for enterprises to choose college students. Vocational skill training is a long-term and systematic work. The implementation of vocational skill training is an important way to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, promote sustainable economic development and labor employment. It is also an inevitable choice for students in Application-oriented Undergraduate Colleges to carry out vocational skills training and cultivate high-quality talents who develop under the umbrella of theory and skills

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