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Coal enterprises adhere to the practice and thinking of paying equal attention to "management equipment training"

1 management is the prerequisite for doing a good job in coal mine safety. In fact, it is unfair. First of all, we analyze the reasons for the frequent occurrence of various accidents in coal mines, mainly in the following three aspects:

(1) putting the cart before the horse in accidents. At present, as far as the whole coal enterprise is concerned, safety accidents continue, and the safety situation is not optimistic. In particular, repeated accidents occur repeatedly and cannot be contained. All kinds of personnel have not fully accepted the lessons of the accident and have not really put the idea of "safety first" in the first place. The direct reason for this phenomenon is that, in addition to the inadequate implementation of various systems, I believe that in the analysis and handling of accidents, it is a problem that cannot be ignored to assume the existence of a pyramid. The top part of the tower is the mine level decision-maker, with the greatest power, the least responsibility for accidents and the lightest handling; The middle level of the tower, the management level, takes the second place. The bottom part of the tower is the ordinary staff, the executive level, without authority, the victim, and bears the heaviest burden

as the decision-making level of coal mine safety work, the mine leaders should assume the primary responsibility in case of safety accidents. According to the coal mine safety regulations, the top executive is the first person in safety work. The second is the middle-level managers, who undertake irreplaceable safety management functions. Finally, the lowest level is the workers, who are the parties to the implementation of various rules and regulations. The decision-making level is often open-ended. If you make an inspection of the decision-making level, you can pass the test. The most severely punished party is often the party at the lowest level. The author believes that in order to do a good job in safety management, the "managers" who must manage the coal mine production must first strictly investigate the managers in dealing with accidents, so that the managers can touch the soul, take the first place, and really wake up, so as to increase the pressure of managers to pay close attention to safety work, turn pressure into power, and make solid achievements in safety production

(2) the on-site management is not strict with the implementation of measures. Various safety management measures, especially those that may affect "work efficiency" in actual operation, leaders at the district team level often have "negative emotions" or fluke mentality in their hearts when implementing such rules and regulations, and are not strict with employees. There is a phenomenon of "Jerry building" in the implementation of safety rules and regulations

(3) staff awareness is not strong. In the production process, employees are the executors of various rules and regulations, but employees often work according to experience for convenience, less trouble, or inertia. They just think that it may be okay for them to do so. Why do they need to implement some unnecessary procedures? However, accidents often happen here inadvertently, bringing serious and cautious consequences

how to solve these problems in the process of safety production. The author believes that we should concentrate on establishing a perfect management mode in the production process, make cadres and workers follow the safety management mode, clarify the main body, strictly implement and investigate the decision-making level and "managers", and operate in an orderly manner according to the rules, so as to avoid many unnecessary human accidents. For several years, Anyang Mining Bureau has followed this basic idea, In the work practice, we have explored a set of more effective "one firm, one perfect, five in place" safety management mode. "One firm" is to firmly establish the idea of safety first in the overall situation. "One improvement" is to improve the safety management system, establish and improve the organization from the decision-making level, management level and executive level, and ensure the smooth flow of government orders in production command, safety supervision, political ideology, publicity and education, logistics services and other aspects; "Five in place" means to strengthen the on-site management, supervision and inspection, assessment, reward and punishment, standardized management, and joint management of the party, government, work groups

this is the main parameter

2 equipment is the material basis to ensure safety

Article 27 of the regulations on coal mine safety supervision stipulates: "coal mine safety supervision institutions supervise the extraction and use of special funds for coal mine safety technical measures, and those that are not extracted or used according to law should be corrected within a time limit." in order to improve coal mine safety, in addition to strengthening management, equipment is essential and necessary. Advanced detection, protection, instruments, meters and equipment are important to ensure the safety of coal mines. Compared with the 5.15M length of S90, they are the quality basis. To equip advanced equipment, the key is to implement equipment funds. Establish a long-term investment mechanism for coal mine safety production facilities, and the investment of safety funds should be included in one of the important assessment indicators to measure enterprise leaders. In order to ensure the orderly progress of mine safety equipment work, our bureau adopts the following measures

(1) take doing a solid job in meeting the mine quality standards as the starting point, equip the equipment according to the requirements to meet the mine quality standards, adopt new equipment, and promote new processes; Track and manage the whole process of operation quality, maintenance quality, accessories quality, installation quality and recycling quality, pay attention to the supporting and improvement of safety technical measures, build and improve infrastructure, and pay attention to the management of infrastructure. In 2002, Hongling Coal Mine of our bureau obtained the provincial quality standard

(2) take the prevention of major accidents and disasters as a breakthrough, and pay close attention to the management of weak links and the improvement of equipment. In this regard, the focus is on the investment of "one access and three prevention" funds. At present, the outburst and high gas mines in our bureau are equipped with gas mine management according to the regulations, adhere to the "four in one" comprehensive management measures, do a good job in the research of comprehensive gas management, and put an end to the occurrence of major accidents. In the process of coal mine safety assessment in 2003, the production mines strive to reach grade B or above

3 training is a necessary means to ensure safety

due to the special environment of underground operation in the coal industry, coupled with years of extensive management and the reform of employment system, the quality of the staff in the coal industry is generally low. It is an important factor that hinders the safety work in coal mines. In order to meet the needs of the new management system and new equipment, it is particularly important and urgent to strengthen staff training. The author believes that the training work should mainly start from the following aspects

(1) safety knowledge training. Safety knowledge is the basic condition for improving the rational understanding of employees. In order to make employees understand the type of work in their industry, they must carry out necessary safety knowledge training. In order to efficiently achieve all kinds of established work goals, the knowledge of coal mine safety should be popularized, so that each employee can understand in detail the existing conditions of various hazards in the coal mine, the causes of various accidents, and what preventive measures should be taken to eliminate various accidents

(2) safety skill training. Safety skill training is to focus on solving the problem of operation skills on the basis of knowledge, that is, to make the personnel in each operation position master the equipment, machines and various process skills in the production process, so as to be safe and reliable

(3) safety thought training. Through training, workers' awareness of safety will be improved, so that every employee can firmly establish the idea of safety first, no production without safety, eliminate those incorrect understandings in their minds, and reduce and eliminate errors in work

(4) typical accident case education. This is one of the effective safety education and training means proved by practice. Teach workers the lesson of blood. So that they can truly recognize the seriousness of the accident from their hearts, and use the pain of the families of the victims to educate the staff and workers, and improve their sense of family. Put forward targeted accident prevention measures through education, so that the educatees feel that only by remembering the lessons of blood and doing according to the measures, can accidents be prevented and safe production be ensured

(5) education of the concept of rule of law. Enable employees to seriously study various laws and regulations, enhance their legal concept, and improve their consciousness of observing disciplines and laws

(6) safety culture training and education. Advocate enterprise safety culture and establish a good image of the enterprise. Coal mining enterprises should create a good safety culture atmosphere to adjust the macro and realize the micro safety state, educate, influence and motivate people through safety culture, and establish a safe personal outlook and safety values, so that coal enterprises can truly achieve safe and civilized production

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