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Accelerated localization of multifunctional greenhouse film masterbatch

following the inclusion of functional greenhouse mold new materials and various additives in the national high-tech product catalogue, the development of relevant new products has been strengthened. Last week, the multifunctional master batch for greenhouse film independently developed by Shanghai Sancheng polymer material technology Co., Ltd. was included in the innovation project of science and technology oriented small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of science and technology, marking that the state has strengthened its support for the research and development of multifunctional greenhouse film masterbatch and the speed of localization is accelerating

according to xiongxiaoyong, general manager of Shanghai Sancheng polymer material technology Co., Ltd., the multifunctional master batch technology for greenhouse film is based on the characteristics of compatibility and synergistic effect of polymer materials. 4. Regularly check the screws and overlaps at the jaw. Through multi-layer coextrusion and single-layer manufacturing of several polymer resins, the multifunctional greenhouse film is realized. The film produced with this masterbatch can be obviously 3 The standard configuration problem enhances the mechanical properties and weather resistance, and extends the service life

in addition, the company added substances that can decompose hydroperoxides and capture free radicals in the resin film to the masterbatch, which strengthened the antioxidant function of the product and extended the service life of the greenhouse film. Through the use of photo ecological technology, in winter or low light seasons in high latitudes and rainy weather conditions in the south, the menu prompts that the multifunctional greenhouse film can convert ultraviolet light, green and yellow light into red and orange light required by plant photosynthesis. Using long-term dripping and mist elimination technology, the loss rate of surface active components of greenhouse film can be slowed down. After coupling treatment, the service life of this multifunctional product can be extended by 3 to 5 times than that of ordinary greenhouse film by adding ultra-fine inorganic filler sericite to the masterbatch. Because the raw material is non-toxic and does not cause pollution, the waste plastic film can be recycled

China has been short of special materials for agricultural greenhouse film resin for a long time, which has affected the production and application of agricultural greenhouse mold to a certain extent. Most of the special resins for agricultural greenhouse film required by China each year are imported. Since the functional shed mold new materials and various additives were listed in the national high-tech product catalogue at the end of 2002, the research and development in this field has become increasingly active. After Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. successfully developed polyethylene resin for agricultural functional greenhouse film on a 180000 ton/year low density polyethylene (LDPE) plant in March this year, the multi-functional agricultural greenhouse film particle technology with light energy conversion function newly developed by Shanghai Sancheng polymer material technology Co., Ltd. has been applied in Jilin, Hebei, Shandong, Yunnan, Shanghai and other places, solving the problems of non red tomatoes, non purple eggplant Watermelons are not sweet, which meets the urgent needs of agricultural production

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