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Multifunctional tea bag packaging machine

people are more and more fond of tea, so the demand for tea bags has also increased, and the rapid production is also required to speed up accordingly

Drinking tea becomes a fashion. As the need for teabag increases, the production speed should be enhanced as well.

tecnomeccanica of Italy launched T2 Prima tea bag packaging machine. This new machine has new technical functions and can produce filtered tea bags with ropes and labels for all kinds of tea, coffee and other soaked drinks. The production speed of machinery can reach 200 per minute

t2 PRI at present, some screw rods of tension machines on the market are T-shaped ordinary screw rods. Ma uses a fatigue testing machine to work according to the principle of electromagnetic resonance. Heat seal the filter paper bag and seal it on three sides. This method makes the small rope and contents stay in the tea bag. When using, just pull it up slightly. If you want to make a non-standard sample small label, the small label will pull the small line out of the tea bag, and the other end of the small rope will be tightly connected to the tea bag

this tea bag production equipment does not need to be nailed at all when labeling, and patterns can be printed on both sides of the label to increase the attractiveness of the tea bag

the moulded structure is a major feature of T2 prima. The structure of the whole production line is simplified, and the operation cycle from the beginning to cutting tea bags is continuous. In addition, the number of units should be minimized to minimize the need for maintenance, and the use of spare parts should also be relatively reduced

t29. After the experiment, turn off the power switch. The tea bags produced by Prima can be fully sealed on four sides and folded on three sides. Even with paper/aluminum foil/pe, bidirectional polypropylene + bidirectional polypropylene, or the outer packaging made of paper/pe, the production speed will not be reduced

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