The hottest multifunctional self-adhesive trademar

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With the advantages of weather resistance, ultraviolet light, oxygen, ozone and heat

multi-functional self-adhesive trademark printing machine

pl-180 pull rod type high-speed oblique pressure multi-function does not constitute a separate vanadium deposit. The dry adhesive trademark printing machine integrates printing, bronzing, laminating, die cutting and scraping. It has complete functions, stable performance, fixed transmission system, obvious and easy to distinguish each operating switch, and simple operation, It is an ideal high-quality diagonal multi-function self-adhesive trademark printing machine

can print self-adhesive (adhesive sticker) trademarks, computer bar codes, hangtags, price tags, serial number trademarks; The color registration is accurate, the ink color is uniform, the printing pattern is exquisite, and the color can be completed at one time without repeated printing; The machine is equipped with stepless speed regulation, electronic induction feeding, setting counting, automatic shutdown and other devices, which is particularly convenient and safe to use. Let's have a look at the following knowledge

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