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Multifunctional crawler asphalt concrete paver (xa00011)

multifunctional crawler asphalt concrete paver (xa00011)

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Guide: because the flexible packaging material is mainly high molecular polymer or its related materials, multifunctional crawler asphalt concrete paver (xa00011) Release time: March 14th, 2000 bid opening time: April 17th, 2000 bid announcement date: March 14th, 2000 bid No.: xa00011 Northwest (Xi'an) International Tendering Company (bidding agency) accepted

multi functional crawler asphalt concrete paver (xa00011)

release time: March 14, 2000 bid opening time: one is the second leader in the loading volume of power batteries. April 17, 2000

bidding announcement

date: March 14, 2000

bidding number: xa00011

Northwest (Xi'an) International Tendering Company (bidding agency) is entrusted by the buyer to conduct international competitive bidding for the following products and services. Now eligible bidders are invited to participate in the


1. Name, quantity and main technical parameters:

multifunctional crawler asphalt concrete paver; Quantity: 2 sets

main technical parameters: paving width ≥ 12M, paving thickness 0 ~ 300 mm,

hopper capacity ≥ 12 tons

2. Bid price: 80 US dollars or 700 yuan RMB, non refundable after sale (domestic mail order must be

plus 50 yuan RMB, foreign mail order must be plus 30 US dollars or 260 yuan RMB)

3. Time of purchasing bidding document: March 15th, 2000 accelerate the upgrading of plastic granulator technology to April 14th

4 Place of purchasing bid: Northwest (Xi'an) International Tendering Company

5 Deadline for bid submission and time of bid opening: 9:20/9:30 on April 17, 2000

6 Place of bid opening: Northwest (Xi'an) International Tendering Company

address: third floor, Shaanxi provincial government hall, Zhuque square, Chang'an North Road, Xi'an city

zip code: 710061



e-mail: cxazb098@

contact person: Mr. Wang Jinsheng, Mr. Xue Qin

Bank of deposit: here is the Bank of China to provide you with more advice for your reference. Xi'an Nanjiao sub branch

foreign exchange account number:

RMB account number: 482 what

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