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Multi purpose thermoplastic composite sandwich panel structure Lite

Canadian innovative composites International (ICI) announced on July 11, 2011 that it had signed a contract to supply ecoscapetm composite houses worth about US $68million to large-scale housing construction projects in Haiti and Ghana. This kind of house is constructed with structure Lite composite materials produced by ICI itself. This plate is a sandwich plate composed of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composite skin and honeycomb core

in order to complete this contract, ICI will immediately start to establish a second ecoscape housing manufacturing plant in South Carolina. The 185806 M2 housing signed in the contract will consume about 40% of the planned output of this South Carolina plant. ICI promises to supply housing as soon as the South Carolina plant is operational. In addition to this contract, ICI has previously undertaken orders from Antigua


structure Lite sandwich board is an ideal material to replace wood, plywood, particleboard, aluminum or steel. It is light in weight and has good specific strength and stiffness (even better than aluminum or titanium in some applications). In terms of cost, it is very economical for large and small projects

the best thing is that structure Lite is not affected by the climate and can maintain a good appearance year after year. It can be Pre decorated, customized in color, printing or finishing according to the application requirements. Its size and shape are infinite. At present, the energy density of its 3-cell battery has reached 300wh/kg; Nichia chemical adopts 3-cell batteries with 633 and 811 cathode materials. It is also easier to install, and the commonly used fasteners (nails, screws, brackets, glues, etc.) can be used like other building materials. BASF showed a variety of product bonding on the design forum. Other advantages include: no warpage, no water absorption, no expansion, no stratification, no invasion by insects, no decay, no decay, good thermal insulation, and recyclable


existing products:

decorative and structural wallboards

temporary or permanent roof slab

housing floor


automobile rear door cover

trailer wall panel


products under development:

hurricane prevention system

bulletproof plate

trailer floor

garage door

attachment: ecoscape housing performance

Smithers Pira, a British market research company, pointed out in the recently released report "turn the toothed bar again to align the pointer with the" zero "point of the measuring disk 2020 global packaging future" that

ecoscape housing has passed the certification of earthquake resistance and hurricane resistance, and is resistant to various climatic conditions. The insulation value of ecoscape wall reaches R19, and the insulation performance is excellent. What's more, ecoscape housing is extremely convenient to install. An 880 square foot housing can be installed by unskilled personnel in about two days without the use of any heavy machinery

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