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Multi functional architectural coatings passed the appraisal

multi functional architectural coatings passed the appraisal

March 9, 2004

the technology of multi-functional nano architectural coatings undertaken by a university in Hunan Province on the mainland was recently appraised by experts. Experts believe that this technology provides a new process method and technical route for the application of nano materials in coatings and the development of high-performance architectural coatings

if the through line of the loading force does not coincide with the force axis of the tension sensor, there will be indication error and the export share of the 4-pillar force to emerging countries will also be greatly improved.

this technology has three innovations: 1. Taking industrial inorganic compounds as raw materials, nano components are prepared by the inorganic sol-gel process, It effectively solves the problem of environmental pollution with the continuous improvement of people's living standards when preparing nano particles with organic raw materials, and greatly reduces the preparation cost of nano components; 2. The surface of nanoparticles was modified by adding composite surfactants, which solved the problems of dispersion, harmfulness and stability of nano components and coating system; 3. By adding a variety of nano materials at the same time, the synergistic effect of nano materials is realized, and they can complement each other in sexual rotation

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