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Illegal sewage discharge by large enterprises: no sense of society

it seems that no one has ever doubted that large enterprises and their principals pay great attention to their social image. In fact, many large-scale enterprises have made great contributions to the society and attach great importance to their own image, but some others do not -

Ningxia Meili Paper Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Chenming Paper Co., Ltd. are large-scale and profitable listed companies or their subsidiaries, which are fully capable and capable of meeting the emission standards, but now they have become a typical example of illegal emission

On August 13, the person in charge of the State Environmental Protection Administration reported the investigation and handling of the top ten environmental violations at the third press conference of the "action to clean up and rectify illegal sewage discharge enterprises to ensure the health and environmental protection of the masses". Surprisingly, Chongqing Minfeng agrochemical Co., Ltd., Chongqing Yugang titanium dioxide Co., Ltd., Hebei Cangzhou Dahua Group and other well-known large enterprises have also become typical examples of environmental violations

the four characteristics of the current rebound in environmental pollution reported by the State Environmental Protection Administration are even more surprising: large enterprises actually account for two characteristics: first, at the expense of the environment, they excessively pursue the maximization of economic interests, some pollution control facilities do not operate, and do everything possible to secretly discharge leakage; Second, the phenomenon of repeated investigations and violations of illegal sewage enterprises is relatively prominent. Why do some large enterprises discharge pollutants illegally? Enterprises have low illegal costs and insufficient deterrence of environmental law enforcement

in the past, people always believed that in some places, the "fifteen small" enterprises in tanning, chemical industry, electroplating, papermaking, printing and dyeing, smelting, cement and so on, and even the "new five small" enterprises illegally discharged pollutants, or the enterprises whose structural pollution problems have not been fundamentally solved are the persistent diseases of pollution. However, Ningxia Meili Paper Co., Ltd., Wuhan Chenming Paper Co., Ltd., Henan Lianhua Group, Chongqing Minfeng agrochemical Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Yugang titanium dioxide Co., Ltd. are listed companies or their subsidiaries with large scale and good benefits. They are fully capable and capable of meeting the emission standards. However, in order to pursue economic interests and ignore the interests of the people, they ignore pollution control when expanding production scale, stop pollution control facilities without authorization during normal production, and secretly discharge Illegal sewage discharge

Pan Yue, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, believes that the main reasons for these problems are: interest driven and insufficient deterrence of environmental law enforcement

it is understood that at present, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the operation cost of sewage treatment plants of large enterprises is up to tens of thousands of yuan a day. Therefore, in the new round of economic development boom, large enterprises have also joined hands with small enterprises, making illegal sewage discharge a "shortcut" for some enterprises to reduce production costs and pursue economic interests, and secretly discharging and releasing pollution has become their preferred way to pursue the maximization of economic interests

corresponding to this, the menu interface giving arithmetic mean value, maximum value and minimum value is that the current law gives the environmental protection department limited power, the punishment amount for environmental violations is small, the punishment cycle is long, and the deterrence of environmental law enforcement is insufficient, so that many environmental violations cannot be curbed in a timely and effective manner. Lu Xinyuan, director of the environmental supervision office of the State Environmental Protection Administration, said that large enterprises have pollution control facilities, but they can be fined up to 200000 yuan at a time, and three or four days of illegal sewage discharge is enough to pay a fine. Due to the high cost of law-abiding and low cost of violating the law, large enterprises prefer to be punished rather than govern. Especially in papermaking, brewing, chemical industry, metallurgy, cement and other industries

the tortuous change process of Henan Lianhua Group from a major polluter to an environmental protection model, and then to the investigation and punishment of illegal sewage discharge is very interesting

Henan Lianhua Group, established in 1983, is the largest monosodium glutamate production and export base in China. However, while creating huge wealth for the society, the large profits and taxes in this Zhoukou area have also brought serious environmental pollution to the local environment. It was once a famous large pollutant discharge household in the Huaihe River Basin. In April, 1995, under the situation that the supply of monosodium glutamate market was in short supply, Lianhua Group once stopped half of its production capacity and fully invested in the wastewater treatment that determined the survival of the enterprise. Finally, it finally achieved the stage goal of "meeting the discharge standard in 1997", and temporarily removed the hat of "major polluter". However, this year, lotus group, such a "model of environmental protection", was found to be a large household of illegal emissions. What have large enterprises exposed by illegal sewage discharge? Lack of social sense, and there is no administrative transfer channel for all departments

whether in local, provincial, domestic or foreign countries, large enterprises often easily obtain various honors and awards, and the heads of enterprises are covered with halos such as "top ten outstanding entrepreneurs" and "reform figures". It seems that no one has ever doubted that large enterprises and their principals attach great importance to the public image. They should have become models of compliance with national environmental protection laws and regulations and models of sustainable development. However, who can connect them with illegal sewage discharge? Are the top leaders of the enterprise aware of the illegal sewage discharge behavior of the enterprise

Lu Xinyuan affirmed that the top leaders of enterprises are aware of the illegal sewage discharge behavior of enterprises. Panyue said that some large-scale enterprises have pollution control facilities that do not operate, and do everything possible to secretly discharge leakage and other environmentally unprotected behaviors have exposed their lack of social sense

how to strengthen the supervision of large enterprises

panyue said that the problems sorted out should be rectified in place one by one, and the four don't let go: that is, don't let go of those who haven't investigated the illegal circumstances, don't let go of those who haven't implemented the rectification measures in place, don't let go of those who haven't handled them in place, and don't let go of those who should be transferred to the judicial organ

it is reported that at present, the treatment of people in large enterprises has been traced back to the top leaders of enterprises. Shandong Chenming Paper Group Co., Ltd. has removed Xia Youliang, chairman of Wuhan Chenming Hanyang Paper Co., Ltd., and Niu Xianghan, assistant general manager, from their posts, and given general manager Meng Feng demotion. Kong Fanyi, chairman of Ningxia Meili Paper Group Co., Ltd., who was responsible for illegal sewage discharge, was given an administrative warning. Zhao Ping, general manager of Ningxia Meili Paper Group Co., Ltd., Wang Siyi, deputy general manager, and other celebrities were removed from their posts, and economic penalties were given respectively. Henan Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau imposed a fine of 50000 yuan on the legal representative of Lianhua Group, and Lianhua Group imposed economic penalties or dismissed 15 people who were responsible for illegal sewage discharge

at the same time, Pan Yue also admitted that there are some "weaknesses" in the current law enforcement supervision. Chenshanrong, director of the environmental inspection department of the State Environmental Protection Administration, said that in the process of investigating and dealing with environmental violations, joint law enforcement by multiple departments has been strengthened and the transfer work has been done well. If it is found that the production, sale, import and use are within the provisions of the catalogue of eliminating backward production capacity, processes and products, it shall be transferred to the competent economic department; All enterprises that are shut down according to law because of environmental violations should transfer the speed gear and code to the issuing department at any time if they have a production license, and transfer to the industrial and commercial department if they have a business license; If it is necessary to investigate the administration, the case shall be transferred to the supervision department in time; If a person is suspected of committing a major environmental pollution crime or a crime of dereliction of duty in environmental supervision and needs to be investigated for criminal responsibility, the case shall be transferred to the judicial organ in a timely manner. For the cases that have been transferred, we should track and understand the handling situation

in view of the phenomenon that some enterprises and their principals have been investigated and dealt with while obtaining various honors and participating in various evaluations, Chen Shanrong reluctantly said that at present, there is no administrative transfer channel between multiple departments, and evaluation and other activities are administrative problems, so it is not easy to interfere too much. In the future, we should strengthen the administrative transfer of all departments, so that the environmental protection of enterprises will also become one of the hard indicators of whether to participate in the evaluation and win awards. Can enterprises without a sense of society have a future? Pay attention to cultivating the cultural foundation for the long-term development of enterprises

recently, the international community has paid more and more attention to the social sense of enterprises, which has been listed as one of the standards to measure the overall strength and quality of enterprises. The London Stock Exchange and the financial times jointly have the quantitative discreteness analysis to actively identify the slip form of data and the test results between samples. The Financial Times Stock Exchange international company recently launched eight "moral indexes", In the world's major financial and securities markets, society will first be included in the index category

many foreign enterprises treat society as a special issue. At present, among the top 250 companies listed in the global wealth, almost half of them publish social ethics reports every year. Nike group has officially established an "enterprise committee" to check whether the factory labor management meets the standards, environmental protection measures, community activities, charity, etc

it is hard to imagine that an enterprise without a sense of society can truly become a world-class enterprise. Andersen fell and WorldCom fell, in the final analysis, because of the lack of social sense

the shaping of corporate image is not an empty hype, but must be carefully described with a pragmatic business and a sense of society: technology, products, services, team, heart... Whether heavy or light, are indispensable. The corporate sense of society is the focus of the whole "self portrait" and its dragon vein

an insider interpreted the relationship between "enterprise society and enterprise development" as: the relationship between enterprise and society is an ecological balance relationship, and society is the source of enterprise interests. Enterprises can develop better by drawing nutrition from the surrounding environment, repeatedly testing and adjusting until they are qualified, and then returning to the society, forming a harmonious and sincere relationship with the society. Social sense is the cultural basis for the long-term development of enterprises

only enterprises with a sense of society have a future

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