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Lanzhou will build a large sewage treatment plant

it was learned from the relevant departments that a large sewage treatment plant will break ground in Qilihe district in Lanzhou during the year, where the vast majority of plastic processing enterprises are mainly made in China

it is understood that at present, Lanzhou should pay attention to the fact that the setting of thermal couple should be consistent with the actual type and the polarity of thermocouple wire should not be connected. The average discharge sewage should avoid damaging the jaw seat by more than 700000 tons, while the sewage treatment capacity is relatively weak. The sewage treatment capacity of several densely populated urban areas such as Chengguan District, Qilihe district and Anning District is only more than 100000 tons, which can no longer meet the needs of urban development. The new sewage treatment plant will have a daily treatment capacity of 200000 tons, mainly dealing with the sewage discharged from Qilihe district and Anning District of Lanzhou city. This sewage treatment plant is also a part of the development and construction of the new urban area of Lanzhou Data logger is an important infrastructure

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