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Large building materials enterprises have issued a carton bidding announcement, with an estimated purchase amount of 3million yuan

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core tip: on June 17, Guangdong metus building materials Co., Ltd. announced that according to the production plan demand, a large number of packaging cartons are needed, and the estimated purchase amount is 3million yuan

carton factory attention, another terminal enterprise issued a bidding announcement! On June 17, Guangdong meitushi building materials Co., Ltd. announced that according to the production plan demand, a large number of packaging cartons are needed, and the estimated purchase amount is 3million yuan

it is understood that this enterprise is China's top 500 most valuable brand, China's top 500 private enterprises, and China's top 100 building materials enterprises, specializing in wall protection and decoration integrated products. There are more than 10000 exclusive image stores nationwide, and the products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions overseas

I. project overview

all times in the invitation for bids and bidding documents of this project are 24-hour Beijing time, and all monetary units are RMB yuan. The unit of measurement used is subject to the "legal unit of measurement of the people's Republic of China" that you will inspect the change of temperature (unless otherwise noted)

2. Project name: Maxus 2019 packaging carton procurement project

3. Project number: mds

4. Project type: goods

5. List of project conditions:

6. Bidding method: raise a card in the form of multi variety total price

1. Business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate (or a combination of three certificates) of legal person or other organization, environmental protection and fire protection certificates

2. Audited financial report of the previous year; If the bidder is newly established, a copy of the monthly or quarterly financial status report since its establishment shall be provided

3. Tax payment in recent 3 months 5. Host size (length x width x height): 3000x600x1500mm certificate of receipt and insurance. If tax exemption or social security funds are not required to be paid according to law, corresponding documents shall be provided

4. Provide list materials of equipment and technicians required to perform the contract

5. The bidder must abide by the provisions of the bidding law of the people's Republic of China and other relevant national laws and administrative regulations, have good reputation and honest business ethics, and have no major illegal records in business activities

6. The bidder is the direct manufacturer of the bidding product (agent bidding is not accepted)

7. The bidder must meet the production or business scope. The bidder is a general taxpayer, and should promise to provide a special VAT invoice with a tax rate of 13%

8. The bidder cannot participate in the bidding at the same time as the subcontractor/agent of other bidders; The tenderee will not accept the bid of a consortium composed of two or more enterprise legal persons; If the person in charge of the unit is the same person or different units with holding and management relationship, they shall not participate in the bidding of this project at the same time

III. response steps

address: No. 11, Sanzhou Zhenxing Road, Lunjiao street, Shunde District, Foshan City zip code: 528308

Contact: Mr. Zhao has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance; Miss Dai

note: the bidding procedures and contents of meitushi have the right to adjust according to the actual business situation of the company. The bidding enterprise will serve as an important reference for the subsequent possible bidding project transactions of metus. Before the formal signing of the contract, any terms in the document do not constitute any commitment or guarantee of our company

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