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Large capacity asphalt flexible packaging bag will replace barrel packaging. A large capacity flexible packaging bag that can fill 100 ~ 500 kg asphalt has been successfully developed in Dalian Xinke packaging materials Co., Ltd. and has been put into mass production

last year, Dalian Xinke successfully developed paper composite asphalt flexible packaging bags with a capacity of less than 50kg, changing the long history of using iron drums for asphalt packaging in China. However, through the investigation of users, the company found that the supporting filling equipment required for paper composite asphalt flexible packaging bags requires an investment of more than 2million yuan per filling line, including the plant, which limits the promotion and application of asphalt packaging bags. Therefore, since the beginning of this year, engineers and technicians of Dalian Xinke have begun to develop a new type of asphalt flexible packaging bag

this kind of large capacity asphalt flexible packaging bag is made of chemically treated cloth, with a heat-resistant temperature of more than 300 ℃. Naturally, this is the construction site cooling and water cooling of the 600000 ton environmental friendly adsorption new material project in Chalco Qilu Industrial Park. After filling, it can also be lifted by machinery, saving man hours and reducing the labor intensity of workers. At the same time, this new packaging bag has different capacity specifications from 100 kg to 500 kg, which can directly use the original filling equipment, saving a huge investment in the purchase of filling equipment

in addition, this high-capacity asphalt flexible packaging bag also has the advantages of rain and snow resistance, easy stacking and transportation, and easy stripping, which has been applied for a national patent. If still in doubt

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