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Large furniture enterprises have issued a carton bidding announcement. Come and pick up the order quickly

in order to build a smooth channel for material supply and determine the strategic partnership for material supply, Yazhen home furnishing Co., Ltd. recently issued a bidding announcement for packaging cartons, and interested enterprises can send relevant materials and samples before March 14

according to the official equipment instrument archives, it is an important basis for realizing the correct use and scientific management of instruments and equipment. It shows that the C-end is equipped with a pendulum with a certain quality. Yazhen home furnishing Co., Ltd. currently has three brands, Yazhen a-zenith, Yazhen customization and az1865. It has opened nearly 80 brand flagship stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuhan, Harbin and other places, and has nearly 200 brand image stores nationwide

bidding overview

I. bidding unit: Yazhen home furnishing Co., Ltd.

II. Handling department: centralized purchase department

III. bidding requirements: production or processing suppliers with legal personality; The registered capital is more than 2million; Have the ability to undertake civil affairs independently; Have a good business reputation

IV. purchase content: packaging carton materials (including filling boxes, covers, etc.); Sanding abrasive materials (including sandpaper, abrasive belt, cleaning cloth, steel wool, etc.). Among them, the requirements for packaging cartons:

v. bidding content: the quality, grade and price of the supplied materials are the main basis, the settlement method is 30 days of monthly settlement, and the quality deposit is retained (15% of each payment is settled at the end of the year); The delivery address is Yazhen household Nantong and Rudong factory

bidding requirements

VI. supply requirements: after receiving the notice from our company, the delivery can be guaranteed on schedule. Both parties sign an annual contract and deliver goods according to the order task

VII. Bidding materials: the hydrogen chloride enterprise business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, and the copy of the bank information of the Bank of deposit, which are recycled by Bayer materials technology, are stamped with the official seal of the enterprise, the power of attorney, and the bidding document

VIII. The tenderer shall send or express the tender documents to the company before 24:00 on March 14, 2019 (subject to the time of tracking the order number). After the bid opening on March 18, the tenderer shall sign a letter of intent for procurement cooperation with relevant units and conclude a procurement contract

IX. the tenderer shall seal the tender document with a sealed bag, which shall indicate the name of the tenderer and be stamped with the official seal of the tenderer. At the same time, samples (1 carton) shall be provided according to the drawing requirements of the annex. All samples shall not bear any graphic trademarks other than the drawings

X. all bid senders are not allowed to cross bid and take unfair competition relations. Once found, the cooperation will be cancelled

contact information

contact: Ji Chengjin

fax its parts are difficult to separate:

address: Yazhen bridge, Caobu Town, Rudong County, Jiangsu Province

supervision organization: Yazhen president's office

email: zongcaiban@

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