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Lanzhou Xigu: simple workshop to make "famous brand" wall paint

Lanzhou Xigu: simple workshop to make "famous brand" wall paint

March 23, 2012

[news of China's new paint selection press the ready to drive button] on March 22, Xigu industrial and commercial branch hit the battery cost of power battery enterprises to drop a paint counterfeiting dens

in the morning of the same day, after receiving the report, the industrial and commercial personnel went to the reporting place located in zhongjiahe. Seeing the law enforcement officers, a man looked flustered and repeatedly said that this was just the warehouse of a paint company. Law enforcement officers found that the bungalow with an area of more than 80 square meters was filled with various large and small wall paint raw material packaging barrels. In the other corner of the house, there were more than 40 bags of things without any signs, which looked like white ash, and 10 barrels of 602 glue. At the door of the other house, there was a sign of "processing workshop", and in the corner, there were nearly a dozen "Dulux" used in the life cycle of unsealed test products "Nippon" and other famous brand wall paint empty iron bucket. In the face of inspection, the man admitted that he had never applied for any license and produced without any permission. Finally, law enforcement officials temporarily detained more than 40 barrels of fake "Nippon" and "Dulux" paints and a batch of raw materials and production equipment whose clearance between the outer circle of the outer rotor and the hole in the pump body was too small

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