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The annual output of large-scale digital inkjet printing market is 10 billion dollars (II)

2. The return brought by a variety of solutions. The HP Designjet 5000ps large format printer is not only equipped with a standard parallel port, but also equipped with the latest HP jetdirect network printing server, which can easily connect with various hardware systems, and receive chain services from HP through the network, which is more direct and flexible

"HP Jinhao" digital proofing solution is successfully developed on the basis of Jinhao express rip with industrial standard, in combination with HP's large format color inkjet printer HP designjet5000, and accurate color management technology. Jinhao large format digital proofing system outputs proofs that are very similar to traditional proofing. Its low cost, fast speed and high output stability can save us a lot of time and money. Jinhao large format digital proofing system is also excellent as a large format color spray system. The color spray output by it is accurate, colorful and clear

this set of digital proofing system can meet the proofing requirements of full open printing format with only 10000 yuan, eliminating the huge investment of hundreds of thousands to millions of traditional printing proofing (proofing machine, plate printer, plate punching machine, punching machine, etc.). A 10 square meter writing room is enough to use, and this system is very suitable for the office environment without the roar of machines. It uses a large format printer to directly output proofing in a digital way to replace the traditional lengthy proofing process such as film making and sample drying. The scheme eliminates the influence of human and other external factors, and greatly improves the stability of proofing output; Greatly shorten the proofing process; At the same time, because the proofing works can be modified digitally, the proofing cost is greatly reduced. Its printing cost is 60 yuan/square meter, that is, proofing for two folio printing, while traditional proofing costs 500 yuan to get four proofs, which brings unimaginable profits

3. Simple operation and high performance reduce personnel expenditure

in use, use Montaigne DTP PS RIP software for all open room operations, without the need for a dark room. Montaigne software can complete layout, typesetting, pre proofing of finished products before printing, and output color separations at one time. There is no need for staff with professional computer knowledge to master the operation of this system. Because the operation is carried out in the open room, samples can be output at any time or the color and quality can be corrected on the screen before making the final product, which naturally saves a lot of cost and time

the Jinhao large format digital proofing system mentioned above also has unparalleled output speed. Its output device is HP design 5000, so its output speed is extremely fast. It only takes 5 minutes to produce a split color proofing when the flame retardant level reaches B1 level. Digital proofing does not need to be produced, printed or printed. It can be directly printed out into printed samples in electronic documents. A 90 page A4 size color magazine can be completed by one worker in 3 hours, greatly reducing labor costs

4. Cost saving high compatibility and flexibility

because the HP Designjet 5000 Series is equipped with rich drivers, the software we use now and in the future can be easily compatible with it, and whether we work on windows, Macintosh or UNIX, HP has the corresponding drivers to use; The AutoCAD driver specially developed by HP meets the various needs of our customers in the engineering field. This kind of convenience makes us really become the owner of the increasing use of inorganic insulation materials that do not need to add flame retardants year by year, not because the defects of the equipment force the company to bear unnecessary expenses and personnel investment after purchase

not only that, it can also be compatible with other brands of media. For any media that has passed HP print quality certification, HP will put the print color profile of this print media on the address (design/jet) open to HP large format printer users. We can download the print color profile of this medium to HP large format printer to obtain the best output effect, which gives us more choices, Choose different brands of printing media according to the capital, cost and required quality of each business.

similarly, HP's large format printer can also be compatible with other manufacturers' inks, and the replacement of ink head is also very easy. These two items alone save a lot of consumables and maintenance expenses

5. Bright prospects of large format printers

the world no longer seems to be HP's, and the thermal inkjet printing technology is being challenged by the micro piezoelectric side. Epson, as a new force of large format, has found similar in vitro experimental results, which are indeed amazing and should not be underestimated. Hewlett Packard's dominance is being impacted by new big format print stars such as Epson and Ankai, but for now, Hewlett Packard's leadership is still unbreakable

Hewlett Packard, known as the "founder of the large format printing market", has the richest product line that other manufacturers can't match, including high-performance wide format printing products, but the world is by no means Hewlett Packard alone, because although it has been more than 10 years, the application of domestic large format printers is still in a difficult development period, with an annual sales volume of more than 10000 units, an annual growth rate of only about 10% at present, and the market urgently needs to be developed, This is not what HP can do alone. Only the participation of many manufacturers can more effectively promote this process

information source: Huicong silk screen special printing industry channel

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