The hottest large flow mobile 4-inch diesel engine

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High flow mobile 4-inch diesel engine high-pressure pump

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high flow mobile 4-inch diesel engine high-pressure pump

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it is necessary to speed up the change of this situation. Heart tips: high flow mobile 4-inch diesel engine high-pressure pump high flow mobile 4-inch diesel engine high-pressure pump

light weight and easy to move. Use high-pressure cast aluminum alloy shell to check the sealing of the water pump. During the inspection, unplug the power plug first, block the suction port with your hand, fill the water pump with water, hold the outlet with your mouth and blow hard into it, and observe whether the pump head leaks water, which is where the seal is damaged. Common fault parts include suction pad, water outlet pad and impeller cover pad, which should be replaced during maintenance. If there is no phenomenon of full water, it is mainly due to impeller damage, corrosion and wear of water retaining inner diaphragm between suction chamber and outlet chamber, grinding of water retaining diaphragm of pump head, increase of gap between impeller and pump housing, etc., the impeller and pump housing should be replaced. When replacing the conical design impeller at the bottom, pay attention to completely remove the residual copper blades in the pump to avoid damaging the new impeller again. The design of foam filter element is convenient for cleaning and has a longer practical life. OHV overhead valve design, lower operating temperature, higher fuel efficiency, cleaner emissions The damping pad improves the stability of the water pump, so that the vibration level is lower and the invisible wear is less. Self absorption work μ= Friction coefficient f = scale factor energy, which makes pumping faster and easier to operate. Cast iron cylinder liner, more wear-resistant

remarks of water pump unit

it has the advantages of fast power start, stable operation, small vibration, low fuel consumption, small volume, compact structure, stable and reliable ignition. The high-pressure pump increases the pressure by 50% to pump water to a higher and farther place

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