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Lanzhuo released a new generation of industrial operating system supos

on the 12th, the Qiantang summit and future smart Manufacturing Conference of the Fifth China industrial big data conference with the theme of converging digital capabilities and opening the future smart manufacturing was held in Hangzhou. Experts from domestic and foreign industrial interconnection, big data and intelligent manufacturing, well-known service providers and industry leading enterprises gathered together to discuss topics such as manufacturing challenges and thinking, industrial interconnection enabling industrial transformation and upgrading, enterprise intelligent development path and innovative application. At the meeting, lanzhuo's third version of industrial interconnection operating system supos3.0 must have a new upgrade Certificate in the whole box

at the launch ceremony of lanzhuo's new generation supos industrial operating system

Chu Jian, founder of central control technology group and lanzhuo, said that we need to think about how to achieve digital transformation in the manufacturing industry in the future and how to explore new directions and new paths. Both intelligent manufacturing and future intelligent manufacturing represent one direction. To make progress, manufacturing enterprises first need advanced technology, which can greatly improve production efficiency. Second, on the basis of technology, there are also advanced equipment to produce products. Third, operation technology, which is the basis of automation plus a variety of software. The final landing must be the platform plus industrial software, so the core of building such an ecosystem is to have a large number of industrial software. Supos3.0, the third version of lanzhuo industrial interconnection operating system, is an open industrial operating system, which can manage all the equipment in the factory and connect all the things in the factory. Through the operating system, talents from all over the world can develop various industrial application software around safety production, energy conservation and consumption reduction, product quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase, so as to empower the manufacturing industry and rapidly improve its competitiveness

it is understood that the new generation of supos will fully support the process industry and discrete industries, support private deployment and cloud deployment, and provide SaaS multi tenant mode for small and medium-sized enterprises. In the latest version 3.0, supos provides an industry-oriented standardized suite, which can quickly build an industrial interconnection platform serving characteristic industries. In order to better integrate the ecosystem, lanzhuo has sunk the components and microservices that have been accumulated for more than 20 years and are needed to build industrial software into the supos platform, and supports the integration of third-party models and algorithms into the platform to rapidly develop and converge a large number of industrial apps through a low code development environment

at present, industry is expanding from digitalization to networking and intelligence, and industrial interconnection has entered a new stage of deep cultivation from concept popularization. In the process of digitalization of manufacturing process, supply chain and industrial collaboration, the important role of industrial interconnection platform in driving the manufacturing industry to turn to the current foam granulator industry has been widely recognized

supos enables the digital transformation of the industry

as the core support platform for the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, ecological enterprises are also moving forward in exploration. Among them is Lan Zhuo. The new generation supos3.0 is a complete operating system based on edge intelligent platform, industrial information integration platform, industrial data lake, industrial data asset management platform, industrial app open platform, industrial big data analysis platform, open API, SDK, industrial intelligent algorithm, application store, developer center, lanzhuoyun, etc. Tan Zhang, general manager of lanzhuo, introduced that in the past three years, lanzhuo has continued to explore the practice of digital transformation of prediction based on supos new digital n-tech research institutions, and worked hard to build regional, industrial, industrial park and key experimental operators. They should protect the instrument and equipment enterprise level industrial interconnection platform system, enable the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises with the platform, and at the same time, cooperate with ecological partners, and take supos industrial operating system as the basic platform, Cooperate with ecological partners in the industry. Lanzhuo's ecological partners generally have industry accumulation and industrial products for professional fields. After the combination of basic platforms, they have launched industry-level sub platforms for multiple industries, and also realized the 1+n application model, enabling the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises through the platform

industrial interconnection will become the core carrier of Intelligent Manufacturing in the future. Future factories will be built on digital technology to promote the transformation of manufacturing industry from single point and local application of information technology to digitalization, networking and intelligence. Industrial interconnection will reshape the entire manufacturing system, shape new industrial productivity, build new production relations, and become a new engine for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

Chu Jian said that the core of industry 4.0 is intelligence. For industry, it is all kinds of software. Enterprises really realize digital twins or visual chemical plants, compress a factory into one to understand, integrate various parameters of factory equipment, including dynamic equipment and static equipment, and connect all information through the data chassis. Finally, all kinds of industrial software will blossom and bear fruit, connecting all data through supos, just like various apps on today's mobile Internet, We also have various industrial apps in the industrial field, and only on supos can a new ecosystem be formed

supos industrial operating system released by lanzhuo is constantly undergoing iterative optimization. Supos provides a digital map for the park and realizes scientific data management services for managers; Realize the asset management of the whole life cycle of the factory for the petrochemical industry, and build a safe, stable, long-term, full and excellent smart factory; Establish digital workshops and visual chemical plants for the auto parts industry to realize the refined management of production planning and quality traceability; Provide a unified end-to-end Enterprise Cloud Architecture for the cement industry, integrate 5g+ai to realize closed-loop management of production, safety, environmental protection and operation; Control orders, production plans, cnc/dnc equipment for the machining industry, form a closed loop of information flow such as manufacturing decision-making, execution and control, and optimize the production decisions of small batches and multiple pieces. By consolidating industrial operating systems and serving iconic industries, supos will be built into a new engine of digital industry

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