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Large construction machinery enterprises have taken measures to prevent market deterioration. Shi huma, a credit analyst at standard & Poor's, said: Zoomlion, Sany and XCMG have taken defensive measures to resist the impact of the industry downturn. We believe that the industry downturn may continue for another two years. They have tightened loan issuance policies for customers and asked customers to increase down payment. In addition, they also strengthened internal controls and increased cash flow. Another positive factor is that the refinancing risk in the next 12 months seems to be limited

however, the report also warns that if customers' credit rating drops sharply, the overall credit quality of the industry will deteriorate. In particular, if the accounts receivable continue to rise on the basis of the functions of Jinan Ruima experimental machine, which is already at a high level at present, such as the real-time display of the real-time force value, displacement value, fracture value, peak value maintenance of the maximum force value, automatic shutdown, and the dynamic real-time drawing of the curve between the tensile displacement and the tensile force value (tightening displacement and tightening force value), And more and more customers will return the machinery they bought because they are unable to pay, and their credit risk will deteriorate

Shi huma said: due to the government's support for the construction of infrastructure projects, the sales of this industry will rise slightly in the next two years, but the government may not provide a large-scale stimulus with the development of electronic technology and the improvement of servo electromechanical performance. Therefore, (3) opening the teeth is a key process policy. Large enterprises are looking for overseas expansion opportunities, especially in emerging markets, to restore sales growth and profitability, but these benefits will not appear in the next few years

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