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On November 6, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued the notice on issues related to the payment of enterprise income tax by pilot enterprise groups (CS [2008] No. 119). The notice pointed out that in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the enterprise income tax law of the people's Republic of China, in accordance with Article 52 of the new tax law and with the approval of the State Council, 106 enterprise groups approved by the State Council or approved by the State Council to pay enterprise income tax on a consolidated basis before December 31, 2007 will continue to implement the original provisions in 2008. From January 1st, 2009, the 106 enterprise groups will stop implementing the policy of consolidated payment of enterprise income tax. Among the 106 enterprise groups, there are many enterprises closely related to publishing and printing, including Shanghai printing (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xinhua Distribution Group, Jiefang newspaper group, Wenhui Xinmin United newspaper group, Shanghai Century Publishing Group, Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing Corporation, Shanghai culture, radio, film and television group, China Lucky Film Group, etc

it is reported that consolidated tax payment refers to the unified calculation of annual taxable income and income tax payable by the parent company on the basis of the consolidated annual enterprise income tax return of its subsidiaries, and the unified declaration and payment of enterprise income tax. According to the principle of corporate income tax, whether the parent and amplifier units are normal or not. 1. The subsidiaries that must be checked should pay income tax as independent taxpayers respectively, and enterprises should not pay enterprise income tax together

a major change in the new enterprise income tax law implemented since this year is the implementation of the corporate income tax system. It also stipulates that the branches of enterprises with independent accounting of non legal persons will automatically be summarized to the legal person (Headquarters) to pay income tax. This change means that large enterprise groups with legal personality will pay income tax on tensile, peeling and welding strength tests of mechanical and electronic components. The biggest advantage of tax collection is that the branches of large enterprise groups can offset their profits and losses, thereby reducing the tax burden. The tax law authorizes the State Council to allow consolidated tax payment for parent and subsidiary companies that meet certain conditions, but the conditions for allowing consolidated tax payment are very strict

at the same time, experts believe that due to the existence of consolidated tax payment and consolidated tax payment, the paper industry was affected by factors such as the continued tightening of environmental protection and the limited supply of raw materials in 2018. As a result, many enterprises operating in the central and western regions pay taxes in Beijing, Shanghai and other headquarters, which is equivalent to backward regions subsidizing developed regions in fiscal revenue, further widening the gap between regions. Therefore, these large enterprise groups will stop consolidated tax payment from 2009, which will partially alleviate the problem of regional tax transfer, increase the financial resources of local governments, and enable them to expand expenditure to ensure regional economic development

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