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Suzhou has made every effort to improve the quality of export packaging. In recent years, Suzhou's open economy has achieved a new historic breakthrough. The use of foreign capital continues to show the characteristics of more wholly foreign-owned enterprises, more capital increase projects and more emerging industries. The rapid development of export-oriented economy has led to the vigorous development of the export-oriented goods transportation and packaging industry. At present, 53 Enterprises in Suzhou have obtained the quality license for the transport packaging containers of outbound goods. In the first half of this year, the inspection and identification of the transport packaging of outbound goods accepted by Suzhou inspection and quarantine bureau reached 3160 batches, with a quantity of 2.14 million pieces. Suzhou has taken the following measures to improve the internal management and product quality of export packaging enterprises

first, help enterprises establish a quality assurance system and make every effort to improve the quality grade of export packaging. The transportation packaging of outbound goods has the characteristics of large quantity, many batches and short delivery time. Most of its performance inspection and identification adopt the method of approval and certificate replacement. Therefore, it is particularly urgent and important for packaging enterprises to establish a perfect quality assurance system. Under the publicity and guidance of Suzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 39 export packaging enterprises in Suzhou have signed ISO9002 international quality management system certification contracts with the Suzhou Office of Jiangsu evaluation center of China Import and export quality certification center (CQC), of which 28 have passed the ISO9000 certification of CQC, and 5 are actively applying for it. The establishment of the international quality management system has continuously improved the product quality and reputation of Suzhou export packaging enterprises, and enhanced the competitiveness of products in the international market. The products that have obtained the label certification of excellent sustainability have a high degree of differentiation

second, the survival of the fittest, and strengthen the follow-up management of export packaging enterprise licenses. In view of the uneven management level of export packaging production enterprises in Suzhou, we will strengthen the follow-up supervision and management of export packaging licenses. Establish quality files for each export packaging enterprise. At the same time, the enterprises that have obtained the license shall be subject to dynamic management, that is, enterprises with large scale, market-oriented products, strict management, advanced equipment and stable quality shall be actively supported; The elimination system is implemented for enterprises that do not strictly manage the extrusion quality, have unstable product quality, and have a long-term unsalable product. In the first half of this year, in the assessment of 10 enterprises whose temporary licenses expired, the Bureau found that 4 enterprises did not comply with the provisions of the working specifications for the assessment of quality licenses for export packaging containers, so it set a time limit for two of them to rectify and stop using the original export quality licenses before they passed the rectification; For the other two enterprises that have no export business and have not applied for a formal license after the expiration of the temporary license, their licenses will be revoked. By taking measures to eliminate the fittest, the overall level of Suzhou outbound goods transportation and packaging enterprises has been improved

third, strictly implement the sampling and inspection system and take the initiative. In order to ensure the quality of export packaging products, the Bureau randomly samples and sends them to the dangerous goods and packaging inspection technology center of Changzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau for inspection within the sampling period of each month. That is, the enterprise will not be informed in advance when to sample or which batch of samples to take, but will randomly select a batch from the batches requested by the enterprise for inspection. This form not only increases the understanding of the enterprise's usual product quality, but also improves the initiative of export packaging inspection, and also plays an invisible role in supervising the enterprise itself

fourth, actively communicate and serve the enterprise enthusiastically. Sending samples for testing once a month is a compulsory course for enterprises. If the enterprise sends samples by itself, it will not only cost time and labor, but also cost about 6000 yuan per year. According to the suggestions of the enterprise, the Bureau has formulated the "sampling and sending tubes for export carton packaging inspection. There are also two reasons for such errors: the first reason is to manage the method in the process of the experiment", adopting the management mode of "relatively centralized and unified sample sending", that is, the sampled samples are immediately brought back by the sampling personnel, and then uniformly sent for inspection. The implementation of this measure has not only effectively ensured the quality of export cartons, but also greatly reduced the burden on export packaging enterprises, which is welcomed by enterprises. At the same time, the bureau also contacted the enterprises with unqualified test results in time to help them find the crux of the problem and keep the Brinell hardness value measured for 30s at 120n/mm2 (MPA)

the open Suzhou economy has opened up broad prospects for Suzhou export packaging enterprises. Export packaging license is the basic condition for export packaging enterprises to enter the international market. The entry-exit inspection and quarantine department not only controls the quality of packaging products for enterprises, but also hopes that enterprises can strengthen their own internal management and jointly improve the status of Suzhou export packaging industry in the international market

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