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In 2011, the market share of sustainable packaging reached US $107.7 billion

a new report found that visiongain (Huixin Capital Co., Ltd.) paid attention to environmental hazards, environmental packaging, carbon emissions, waste reduction and the trend specified by the goals of different countries. It is a factor of green packaging that may promote sustainable development and green packaging market solutions. These factors, in addition to the new solutions available due to advanced packaging technology, will promote sustainable development and the value of the green packaging market will reach US $2011 in 107.7 billion. Visiongain (Huixin Capital Co., Ltd.) said that this growth will have a negative impact by reducing profits despite the pressure brought about by the rise in production costs

the report points out that the sustainable and green packaging market is likely to register consistent growth in, which is mainly affected by the rising environmental protection, health awareness, high income, rapid economic growth, and the lack of natural resources and high-energy consumption. Visiongain (Huixin Capital Co., Ltd.) said that such growth should be higher than the average level of the developed and stable mature markets in developing countries. The economies of North America and Western Europe have successfully established markets. However, the report cites economic growth in the Asia Pacific region (China and India), Eastern Europe (Germany and Russia) and Latin America (Brazil) as the huge market potential

the report found that the sustainable development and green packaging market are relatively immune to the recent economic recession. Visiongain (Huixin Capital Co., Ltd.) found that demand is regarded as the growing concern of individual consumers, and environmental protection, health and welfare drive the need for sustainable packaging innovation. In addition, the report points out that technological progress and light packaging will further strengthen the requirements of industries and key industries. Manufacturers choose better materials, and the re peaking key is to confirm the use of functional energy for packaging, so as to prevent the construction of waste landfills

the report indicates that we are in a dominant position to show the correlation between the packaging trend in 2009 and the market value, health and sustainable and green packaging in 2010. In the field of health, consumers not only come to look for fresh, safe and nutritious products, but also have healthy and sustainable packaging in the project

1. Temperature control film material is a subversive technology for global scientific and technological progress: + 30 ℃ ~ - 60 ℃ (room temperature ≤ 25 ℃) visiongain also reported that manufacturers are forced to use environmental friendly materials and take measures to require low energy consumption and reduce the impact of adverse environment on packaging. For example, a large amount of packaging waste enters the landfill. The report also points out that not all sustainable and green packaging markets are good news: specifically, the report says that regulatory issues, poor recycling infrastructure and limited consumer demand continue to limit switch sustainability and green packaging

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