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Suzhou printing industry exhibition will be held at the weekend (xuchunhua, correspondent of huyujing) Suzhou Publishing Bureau will hold the second Suzhou printing industry exhibition and the fifth Suzhou printing and packaging industry exhibition at the International Convention and Exhibition Center of the high tech Zone from September 7 to 9. It is reported that the exhibition hall covers an area of 8000 square meters. At present, more than 120 well-known enterprises at home and abroad have signed up for the exhibition. Among them, 30%% are businessmen who come to the Soviet Union for the first time. Korean Yonghua knife mold, domestic light offset printing leading enterprises Yingkou Guanhua, Sanxin, Weihai, great wall printing machine and other offset printing machine manufacturers will all participate in the exhibition, and display the four-color offset printing machine that has been exported to developed countries in Europe and the United States and countries with higher thermal insulation performance, making it a radioactive machine. Taiwan Jinjian, hongtaixiang, Guangzhou Zhongmei Materials Co., Ltd. and other enterprises will exhibit multi-color trademark printing machines and newly developed rotary machines at this exhibition. The organizer said that it would test its performance indicators through this exhibition, create a platform for communication and cooperation between printing machinery and equipment manufacturers, dealers and printing enterprises, further promote the construction of printing equipment in Suzhou and surrounding areas, and promote the faster and better development of the printing market

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