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Suzhou cage: lightweight materials need to make the best use of everything

with the growing popularity of the automotive plastics industry, enterprises related to automotive modification have sprung up in front of the public. From the small household electric heating in the past few years to the emerging auto heating in recent years, the transformation of the industry has also witnessed a qualitative leap in the production level of China's local plastic enterprises

zhangbinfeng, general manager of Suzhou cage Plastics Co., Ltd.

Suzhou cage Plastics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou cage") mainly served the small household appliance industry at the beginning of its establishment, but with the saturation of the small household appliance industry, it later transformed the production of auto parts modified plastics. When talking about his own experience, president Zhang said: "in 2009, the plastic industry is still on the rise. The modified plastic industry is developing well. All walks of life are using plastic to replace other materials. At present, the company's main bumper materials and interior trim materials basically cover all automotive plastic parts. In addition, cage has also dabbled in the electronics industry, such as router shell materials."

in recent years, with the improvement of environmental protection awareness, the scientific and technological level of China's automotive industry is also rising. Lightweight technology and vehicle interior environmental safety have become two hot spots in the industry. Suzhou cage has also put forward more stringent requirements for additive suppliers. All additives that will produce odor are no longer used

materials involving electronic products have stricter environmental standards. In particular, export products, as well as automobile exterior parts, such as bumpers, etc

material enterprises in the process of lightweight

nowadays, the concept of lightweight and highly combustible automobile has swept the whole plastic industry, but people who do not know about lightweight automobile still misunderstand it. In fact, the performance of some plastics is even better than that of steel, and the degree of safety is also higher. Plastics used as automobile bumpers have resilience, but metals do not have this performance. Plastic bumpers can provide stronger safety protection in case of impact

from the connection process of automobile metal and plastic, the advantages of plastic are more obvious. President Zhang said, "for example, the dashboard of an automobile has a lot of patterns. If there are not many kinds of materials, the effect will be difficult to highlight. Plastic with good flexibility is used in high-end automobiles, and the joint with metal will not produce noise when the automobile moves at high speed. Therefore, it is a general trend for plastic to replace metal."

the fan blades of the automobile frame were made of nylon and upgraded to long glass fiber PE after lightweight implementation. President Zhang said with emotion: "enterprises must keep up with the pace of the market to develop new products. They can't wait until they are popularized. Time waits for no one."

nowadays, the state has formulated strict data processing standards for the automotive material industry. The production of modified materials should be carried out under this framework first, and then meet the needs of customers according to their own standards

there are still defects of technicians working all night in the domestic modified market.

BMW has launched an all carbon fiber body. In terms of current materials, carbon fiber has good rigidity and excellent performance. Only the United States and Japan are more mature in the world. China's carbon fiber technology is relatively backward, and foreign countries are closed to China

"the biggest problem in China's modification market is that no enterprise in the whole industry has its own innovative products, which are basically copied from abroad and do not have its own R & D capability." President Zhang said so

in addition, in China, auxiliary products such as additives are not complete in quality and quantity, which is not as mature as foreign countries, which restricts the development of modified materials

Mr. Zhang has been engaged in the modified plastics industry for many years. His experience is that quality is the guarantee. Sometimes, customers give you a chance to try, but 1 As the material yield is not obvious, the quality of the material you provide is not up to standard, and the opportunity will be fleeting. Therefore, the first thing is to do well in the product

as China has higher and higher requirements for the interior environment of vehicles, enterprises engaged in the production of automotive modified materials are also facing the challenge of innovative technology. It will take some time to prove whether China's automobile modification industry can integrate with the world as soon as possible. Cage is also working hard for this

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