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Swedish bank was dissatisfied with the performance of artificial intelligence customer service and dismissed it.

[global intelligence comprehensive report] since the popularity of artificial intelligence technology, a major topic that followed was how AI would compete for jobs with humans. However, this may give humans a sigh of relief. According to the media reports of the undertaking unit of the Secretariat of Anhui non ferrous metal Standardization Technical Committee, nordnet, a Swedish digital bank, made a poor assessment of the performance of Amelia, its virtual assistant, and transferred her from her job

ai assistant amelia

ai assistant Amelia is a product launched by ipsoft, an American technology company, and is widely used in the medical and financial industries. The company was founded by Chetan Dube, a professor of New York University. The AI system developed by the company ranked first in the world in 2017

in the summer of 2017, nordnet reached a cooperation with ipsoft to help customers log in to the bank using an artificial intelligence assistant, and then the business expanded to customer service

but now nordnet has decided to terminate the contract with amelia. Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nord graphene as a new star in the material industry, said that the bank has decided to focus AI's work on other fields

according to the bank, after promoting ameila's services to customers, it found that the customer group did not give much praise. What made nor more headache with the help of this transaction DNET was that maintaining Amelia's operation brought very large additional expenses

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