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Swarovski crystal was found to be glass and lacked product description recently, a number of enthusiastic citizens reported: "Swarovski also has' fishy 'in the Beijing market. Before buying it, it said it was crystal. When it was found to be' glass', it could not be returned. I really can't afford it."

in a recent visit to Swarovski Crystal Pavilion, it was found that only after consumers completed their purchase can they see the words "Swarovski simulated jewelry" for the first time. Before that, salespeople called their products "crystal". In the whole Swarovski Crystal Pavilion, it is difficult for consumers to see a product description about Swarovski "glass" or "imitation crystal"

not long ago, Mr. Wei of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province complained to the industrial and commercial bureau of duling street, Zhengzhou city about Swarovski. The reason was that he bought a "crystal" pendant necklace at 1180 yuan, which was actually "glass" under the misleading of the salesperson. At present, the industry and Commerce Department believes that Swarovski's suspected false propaganda is actually divided into these three levels, requires it to be investigated, and will impose administrative penalties on Swarovski's violations

according to the Beijing Evening News, a few days ago, Mr. Li, a citizen of Beijing, reported that he had thought that what Swarovski sold in the "crystal Pavilion" should be "crystal", but when he paid, Mr. Li saw the words "simulation jewelry" on Swarovski's outer packaging. At this time, he suddenly realized that Swarovski sold simulation products. But it was too late, because according to Swarovski's regulations, the goods sold were not refundable. "After I came back, I checked. In 2008, Hebei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce tested Swarovski products. These 'imitation jewelry' is actually 100% glass." Mr. Li said

Swarovski lacks product description

in the interview and investigation, it is found that calling "imitation crystal" as "crystal" is not an individual phenomenon in Swarovski's brand marketing, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish "crystal" and "imitation crystal" with the naked eye driven by the growth of the US and Brazil markets

on August 21, I came to the Oriental Plaza store of Swarovski Crystal Pavilion in Beijing to try to choose a Swarovski product. The staff of the Swarovski Crystal Pavilion first recommended a "Tanabata Valentine's Day" pendant with a price of more than 1500 yuan. According to her introduction, this pendant is mainly made of ceramics, and its appearance is dotted with many small "crystals". When asked about the details of these small "crystals", the staff introduced the Swarovski crystal cutting process, design and production concept in detail, without mentioning the words "imitation crystal" and "unnatural". At the same time, each product of Swarovski Crystal pavilion has only one price tag, without instructions on the origin and texture of the product. But if you look around, you can't see the product description of "glass products" or "imitation crystal" in the whole store

what makes people more confused is that Swarovski described his products in traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese successively in his product certificate. Among them, the traditional Chinese version called Swarovski "the best product made of the highest quality crystal creation", while the simplified Chinese version called itself "the best product made of the highest quality imitation crystal creation". Whether it is "crystal" or "imitation crystal" is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish

response: there are problems in the sales process

for the problems encountered by consumers in the process of purchasing Swarovski products, the relevant person in charge of Swarovski China gave a response at the leading time. She frankly said that Swarovski sales 2. It is inappropriate for the fatigue test machine salesperson to call the product "crystal" in the sales process, "This is an oversight of our internal training. We will strengthen the training in the future to ensure that the sales process is explained clearly to consumers."

the Beijing municipal law enforcement department for Industry and Commerce has not yet intervened in this matter. Beijing consumers who bought Swarovski "crystal" due to misleading have not been properly handled. Zhonghua glass () Department

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