The history of blood and tears decoration of hundr

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Everyone hopes that their home is fashionable. In fact, over the years, the decoration style has changed from time to time, but all changes are inseparable from their religion. It is still simple and natural that is the most beautiful. But there are always some people who want to try some new designs on a whim, and regret it as soon as they check in. To put it bluntly, some basic practices in decoration should be absolutely adhered to. What tricks you want to play will always backfire. Novice decorators and those who want to decorate in the future should learn quickly

1. Windows

many people also regret that the doors and windows are not equipped with sealing strips after decoration, and water seeps in as soon as it rains, and it is not sound proof!! No dust

2. Sockets

the number of sockets at home should not be less. According to my past experience, it is really ugly and inconvenient to walk open lines everywhere on the ground and wall. The convenience of sockets and switches in the bedroom should be taken into account. It is best to arrange a switch at the entrance and at the head of the bed

3. Lamps

the selection of lamps should be simple and not easy to accumulate dust. A few years ago, spotlights were popular in the living room. The colorful lights were dazzling, and it was easy to cause physical discomfort after a long time. As a result, the practical frequency was extremely low. The shape of the living room owner should pay attention to beauty, but the lampshade should be downward, and the upward lampshade will fall on a thick layer of ash soon after hanging

4. Kitchen

it was mentioned before that a large single sink is more convenient and practical, but what I want to say is that a double sink is more water-saving. Moreover, after washing for the first time, you can put kitchen utensils and chopsticks in another sink, which saves more time. Therefore, considering comprehensively, the double sink is more practical. In addition, the height of the table should take into account the height of the family. If the height is slightly inappropriate, I feel tired when cutting vegetables and washing dishes

5. Floating windows

nowadays, almost every family has floating windows. Floating windows are very beautiful, but there is really no need to over decorate them. Many people think they will really be so romantic and beautiful after reading the renderings on the Internet, but in fact, no matter how beautiful and complex they are, in fact, you don't have so much time to sit up and drink tea and watch the scenery

6. Children's room

for many newly married people, it is not necessary to plan the furniture layout in advance. Now most of them are small houses, and children are still small. They can be covered with cushions and soft decorations to give children a more spacious and interesting activity space. They did a good job in decoration and layout too early, but finally found that they were not suitable for infants

7. Bathroom

there are many regrets after the bathroom is decorated. Regret that there is not enough power near the mirror, and grab a socket for hair dryer, splint, electric toothbrush, razor, etc; Regret that the bathroom cabinet chose the basin on the stage, which was not easy to clean; Regret that the neck of the faucet is not long enough, and it's hard to wash hands and hair; I regret installing a bathtub. In fact, I seldom take a bath, mostly take a shower, and I have to clean the bathtub regularly, which consumes a lot of energy and resources

8. Decoration

regret buying white jointing agent, which is easy to turn black after a long time; Regret painting personalized graffiti walls, and finally found that simple plain walls are the most beautiful

when it comes to decoration, everyone will be careless. These are some decoration regrets that Xiaobian summarized for you. Of course, room decoration is not only these regrets, but also other decoration parts. A good decoration team attaches great importance to any decoration details





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