Beware of being fooled in home decoration

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Mr. Wang decorated his 110 square meter new house in early April this year. The decoration company he chose provided a budget quotation when negotiating with him, listing items such as materials, prices, labor, working hours, management fees, etc

Mr. Wang decorated his 110 square meter new house in early April this year. The decoration company he chose provided a budget quotation when negotiating with him, listing items such as materials, prices, labor, working hours, management fees, etc. The two sides signed a decoration contract of 32000 yuan. But just after the construction, the workers reported more than ten additional items. After the completion of the project, it was found that it cost nearly 10000 yuan more than the original contract

truth: many decoration companies use this method to reduce the quotation, first attract customers to sign contracts, and then add items after the construction starts. These additional items are generally essential, and most of the prices will be higher than the normal quotation. Tips: before signing the contract, ask more people who have been decorated or professional home decoration supervisors, negotiate with as many companies as possible, and make a comprehensive comparison. List a project you need to do, make sure there are no missing items, and don't easily follow the company's advice to add unnecessary items after setting the quantities. After the general project and individual price are negotiated, go to the site with the decoration company in person to determine the specific construction area of each project and the quantity of materials required to be provided by Party A, and implement them into the contract one by one

hu1 use “ Famous building materials &rdquo

decoration companies basically provide main materials, and “ Advanced ceramic tiles &rdquo& ldquo; Famous cabinet ” And other words, list some well-known brands in the market, or provide some products produced by their own companies. Ms. sun originally signed a contract for a decoration company promising to provide a variety of famous brand main materials, but when the materials entered the market, the Shide plastic steel window written in the promotional materials became a brand she had never heard of. The sealing strip of this product is not tight, and the hardware provided is plastic, while a good product should be made of metal

truth: the promotional materials or contracts of these companies only list the brands of main materials without specifying the specific product model, price range and other details. We all know that the same brand will have different product lines. Generally, decoration companies provide low-grade products of the brand, and their so-called brands of the same grade have never been heard of at all. They are products purchased by the company with low grade and poor quality, but the price is very low. Some products that boast that their own companies produce are only OEM products, specific “ Identity ” There is no way to investigate

tips: everything is trivial. The decoration company is required to write the specific product model, price, quantity and the brand products of the same grade into the contract, and verify the price of the product in the market. In order to avoid the company shoddy, we should do enough when initially agreeing on the payment method, and we must adopt the method of installment and multiple payment to restrict the company's non-standard behavior. The interim payment will be paid after the materials are accepted, and the materials that do not conform to the contract will be rejected

fool 2 designers to help buy building materials

Designer: “ If you buy materials by yourself and don't know how to bargain, it's more convenient for us to buy them, and we can get the price of group purchase& rdquo; Mr. Zhao was really moved by this confession of the designer at the beginning, and felt that he could have no worries about leaving the decoration of his home to such a sincere and responsible designer. But Mr. Zhao once inadvertently went to another branch to ask the designer about the price of a product he had bought for him. After arbitrary bargaining, the price given by the salesperson was 10% lower than that bought by the designer

truth: most owners of initial decoration will let designers or decoration foremen act as consultants& ldquo; Smart ” Our designers will patiently accompany the owners to carefully select one by one and introduce each brand's “ Inside ”, Finally, I walked into a store and told the owner that the products here are the most suitable and always “ Good reputation ”. How many designers are there “ Good relationship ” In this way, they will receive a considerable rebate

tips: the surest way is to pay professional designers to issue a really high-level design drawing, and then let the decoration company clean up the work, and choose the main materials by themselves. In order to reduce the risk, it is best to verify the products introduced by the designer, and then buy them after confirming the product quality and price are appropriate by asking people with decoration experience or communicating with netizens in professional website forums. The brand, grade, specification, model, color and price of the main materials should also be clearly implemented in the contract to prevent the materials from being transferred after entering the site





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