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Aside from the profound philosophy of operation and management, the most important problem to be solved is how to "stick" to their consumers. To put it simply, that is, how to make your customers like you, including products and services, brand and culture, and then continue to buy, continue to buy. Quantitative change is bound to form qualitative change. When millions of consumers contribute "small profits" to you every day, you will get big profits, and your business will become a big business

1, don't treat consumers as fools

the opinions of every consumer are worth thinking about. Although sometimes most of the questions raised by consumers annoy you and don't want to deal with them, please remember that the consumers who are willing to give opinions are those who have hope for you

2, products are the root cause of all

if you can't make a different product, you need to make a different product value and culture, which is not only strengthened in the marketing of packaging, but also from the use of products to tap the value of consumers, dig carefully, and be sure to make consumers feel bright and remember deeply

3, the consumer's personal data is an important "asset" you get.

but don't abuse or harass too much. Even if you send text messages or email, it's enough. Just like pursuing love, if she is interested in you, she will definitely respond positively, and too much bombing will only bring a negative impression

4, to establish an interaction mechanism with your consumers

when the website has done a marketing promotion, it needs to have a port to receive the feedback of consumers. Collecting the voice of users is the easiest thing, and then you will know how to do it

5, there should also be a data background that tracks consumer behavior and user follow-up tracks

so that you can have a grasp of the overall situation of your website. But the important thing is not to be confused by a large number of data. As long as you grasp the most important data, it is enough to analyze and digest, just like a two legged person, you know

6, no consumer doesn't want to spend the least money to get the best things

but there are no cheap and high-quality things in the world. You'd better declare to consumers that your products here are good and cheap. Don't argue with consumers afterwards about how good your product is, because not only do you have this product, but you don't know much about your product

7, you should have your own product price system

classify and manage high, medium and low-end products. Don't inflate the price falsely at the initial stage of listing, and then reduce the price sharply to attract consumers' purchase. This is tantamount to throwing a stone at your own feet, because it can be predicted that your product will experience multiple rounds of promotions and discounts in the future. Experienced consumers will turn over the historical sales records, and then question your integrity, Old customers will slowly lose

8, if your goal is to make a brand

then you can't discount without discount. Price war is a strategy only used by e-commerce like "death squads". Instead of discount and price reduction, it's better to match packages with gifts to make consumers feel good. Remember that most people don't necessarily want to buy bargains, but they must be happy to "take advantage"

9, from a business point of view

do you choose to sell 10000 products per 100 products, or 10000 products per product? Please set a mission for yourself: existence is to make quality products! There are too many homogeneous garbage products in the world, and you don't need another one to carry them. Quality is word of mouth, and quality is the guarantee of survival

10, every time consumers choose to buy your product

they have an exchange with you, experience your service, and cherish every exchange opportunity. It is best for consumers to leave a little TA comment, whether good or bad, to let you know the real thoughts of consumers. When starting up, you should pay attention to the opinions of the top 100 customers. In the face of 100 feedback, you can sort out the most critical needs of consumers, and then enlarge it

11, never tell consumers that you don't make money and that you earn credibility by doing this activity at a loss

it's natural to make money in business, and you don't need to label yourself as "public welfare", which will make consumers feel that you are hypocritical. As long as you make the product quality and uniqueness, consumers are willing to let you make money, and profit is the basis of survival

12, in the process of business operation, some problems are always inevitable.

when facing the doubts of consumers, we should accept them with an open mind, reply patiently, and do not rush to protect ourselves; In the face of consumers' sometimes unreasonable behavior, you should also deal with it calmly. Don't say evil words to each other. There is always a reason for customers' anger. It must be that you haven't done it well. You should always reflect and improve more

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