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Global ship supporting enterprises will encounter great challenges

recently, Korean ship supporting enterprises have generally encountered problems such as canceling orders and reducing the scale of orders. The difficulties encountered by Korean ship distribution enterprises are not individual cases. At present, according to jgj144 (2) 004 technical specification for exterior wall external insulation engineering, a.7 tensile strength test party, ship matching enterprises in France and other major shipbuilding countries have encountered similar problems, and the survival and development of enterprises are facing great challenges. Under the severe situation, China's shipbuilding enterprises must size up the situation and think of changes in the face of danger

at present, a considerable part of the customers of ship distribution enterprises in China are relatively fixed shipyards. Once the orders of cooperative shipyards are reduced, ship distribution enterprises will face the problem of insufficient operation. Do you know how to maintain the tensile testing machine? At machine time, although some ship fitting enterprises actively think about change, many enterprises still rely on their original customers to "take care of" and "wait, rely, and want". In terms of exploring the international market, most enterprises have not really gone out, and only some low-end products have achieved indirect export. In terms of business expansion, although there are high voices to enter the field of marine engineering supporting facilities and develop non ship products, few enterprises have taken practical actions, and most of the enterprises that have taken actions are still taking the low-end route, breaking their heads and drilling into the fields where enterprises gather and compete fiercely

in contrast, South Korean ship accessories enterprises not only occupy the vast majority of the domestic market, but also have entered an organized and planned stage in their exploration of the international market as early as the first two years. Therefore, even if the market trend declines, they also ensure a high market share. At the same time, when most ship accessories enterprises plan to enter the field of marine engineering, South Korean ship accessories enterprises have taken the lead and achieved substantial results. "The East is not bright, the west is bright". Although Korean ship accessories enterprises have encountered a cold wave in the field of ship accessories, on the whole, their days are still very interesting

insiders said that in the past few years, the market was booming, and many ship accessories enterprises in China had necessary protective measures. The production task was heavy, and they were tired of dealing with production. Now is a good time for everyone to meditate, plan for the future, and be energetic. We should face up to the gap, see the good and think of the good, catch up with 288 water fire extinguishing system, and turn "danger" into "opportunity" as soon as possible

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