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The global sdnfv technology conference was held in Beijing

with the support of China SDN professional committee, onf, onf, opendaylight, opnfv and onos, the 2016 global sdnfv Technology Conference co sponsored by Jiangsu future network innovation Institute (fnii) and the world interconnection (BII group) was held in Beijing Guobin hotel. This conference brought together top experts from authoritative organizations such as the Chinese Academy of engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, onf, opendaylight, opnfv, onos, Linux foundation, as well as scientific research representatives from domestic and foreign operators, cloud data centers, Internet companies and other application units, as well as nearly 50 guests and nearly 1000 audiences from major equipment manufacturers to discuss the practice and deployment of sdn/nfv, and through various forms of display, professional, three-dimensional It vividly shows the latest deployment status and development direction of sdn/nfv technology, boosting its further development

after ten years of development, software definition network (SDN) and network function Virtualization (nfv) have gradually passed the stage of concept hype and really entered the period of commercial deployment. Almost all mainstream operators, cloud data centers and Internet enterprises in the world are conducting research and deployment of SDN and nfv to save more costs and provide more flexible and high-quality services. The latest report of infonetics, the world's authoritative research company, shows that by 2018, the global operator sdn/nfv market will reach US $11billion. Therefore, under the trend of cloud computing and network virtualization, sdn/nfv must become the key technology of the future and have a revolutionary impact on the whole network world

sdn/nfv technology landing, integrated development

the emergence of software definition network and network virtualization technology has presented a new era of infrastructure as a service to the entire industry. The barriers between data centers are no longer strict, and the network channels are more flexible. The open + open source standardization mode will inevitably reduce the threshold of market entry, thus bringing a new wave of application service innovation. Although SDN and nfv have different technical concepts, they have strong complementarities. SDN can bring more flexibility to the network, while nfv can better adapt to the virtualized environment and save a lot of hardware costs. SDN and nfv can work together to provide the best solution, and the integration of the two concepts and solutions will inevitably form greater value

as sdn/nfv technology really moves towards commercial deployment, the focus of this conference also focuses on the practice and deployment of technology, starting from multiple application scenarios such as operator networks, enterprises and cloud data centers, and conducting a comprehensive analysis from the perspectives of theoretical discussion, strategic planning, technical practice, case analysis and so on. It is worth noting that representatives from domestic and foreign operators, Internet companies, large cloud data centers and equipment enterprises have brought their latest products, technology platforms and service experience in relevant fields, and made a horizontal generalization and vertical analysis of the application of sdn/nfv from a more in-depth, critical and concrete perspective, which is thought-provoking. Zhaohuiling, executive director of the China Communications Society, stressed in her speech that sdn/nfv had entered the development stage in, including at t's domain 2.0, Vodafone, and the CSO choreographer project launched by China Telecom union onf and a number of operators

the most authoritative voices at home and abroad jointly discuss open source and standards

another highlight of this conference is that it brings together top experts from five industry authoritative organizations, including onf, opendaylight, opnfv, onos, and Linux foundation, including Dan Pitt, executive chairman of onf, Colin Dixon, chairman of opnedaylight Technology Steering Committee, Marc Cohn, vice president of networking strategy of Linux foundation, Deng Hui, director of opnfv David lenrow, the Promotion Ambassador of onos, and others delivered wonderful speeches at the conference. At the meeting, onf chairman Dan Pitt said that open source and standards play a decisive role in network innovation. After several years of development, SDN has also produced many fruitful results. Neela Jacques, executive chairman of opendaylight, also specially said: the growth of China's SDN market is very amazing. China has shown a lot of experience and calculation formulas in the SDN field on the relationship between the surface roughness of experimental machine parts and the dimensional tolerance of experimental machine parts. The huge scientific research innovation ability and leadership are amazing. Opendaylight is very honored to be able to communicate with you at this conference

in addition, Liu Yunjie, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Jiangsu future network innovation research institute, Hou Ziqiang, a member of the Institute of acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of industry and information technology, discussed its development trend and prospects from the practical application fields of future network, 5g and IOT, respectively. Academician Liu emphasized at the meeting that the Internet is facing serious challenges. The deep integration of the Internet and the real economy is an inevitable trend of development. In the future, the Internet will usher in development opportunities and become a global competitive hotspot

the industrial chain is stronger and the display forms are richer

unlike previous conferences, more and more manufacturers have joined the industry this year, and the whole industrial chain is stronger. At this conference, Huawei, Ixia, Boke, Fiberhome, mellanox, Taiwan sdn/nfv industry alliance, sboren, cimax technology, Picasso, ipinfusion, Ruijie, Sonus, Daho and other manufacturers participated in the exhibition, many of which brought a lot of eye-catching equipment and new technical solutions

in addition to the increasing diversity of participating manufacturers, the exhibition form of this conference is also particularly rich. In addition to the keynote speech, a round table forum, white paper release, sdnfv Fest test forum, controller special session, test solution special session, scientific research and innovation special session and other links have been set up. Around the center of sdn/nfv technology application and deployment, it cuts in from all key perspectives of the industrial chain, Carry out multi-dimensional display and interpretation

among them, it is worth noting that just two weeks before the opening of the conference to replace 50% of e-commerce packaging materials with 100% degradable green packaging materials (may 16-20), the 2016 spring sdnfv Fest test activity was also held, and nearly 30 engineers from 14 enterprises participated in the test activity. At the site of the global sdnfv technology conference, a comprehensive display of the test activity was also made through the sdnfv Fest showcase and the special session of the test activity. Representatives from Ixia, H3C, ruijieluo, Ximai technology and other manufacturers demonstrated their relevant solutions on site, highly restored the test site, and built an optimal platform for the on-site audience to experience sdn/nfv testing from a zero distance

as Liu Dong, chairman of the general assembly and chairman of Tiandi interconnection, said: in 2016, when SDN and nfv enter the critical stage of commercial deployment, fuel consumption can be saved by 7%. Almost all mainstream operators, cloud data centers and Internet companies in the world are carrying out research and deployment of SDN and nfv. Major relevant international organizations are also fully promoting the development of relevant standards and technologies, and sdn/nfv will usher in a golden age. As an important part of the future network, both SDN and nfv are bound to shine in high-speed broadband, 5g, IOT and other fields. With the joint efforts of the whole industrial chain, we will jointly build a more safe, reliable and advanced future network for the benefit of mankind

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