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Analysis of the commonly used operation mode of domestic CNC machine tool enterprises

1. Internal base price sales: This is the method adopted by many CNC machine tool enterprises. The company provides it to the agent according to the actual cost of the product and the reasonable production profit. On this basis, the agent increases the price for sale, and the difference part is returned to Party B as an agency fee after deducting taxes and expenses. Agents mostly use various methods to engage in relationship activities in the local area in order to obtain information and even orders

2. Enterprise internal cost contracting, cost sales mode metal material tensile testing machine scaffold tensile testing machine: CNC machine tool enterprises implement a cost contracting system for branches, set sales targets, and the cost is extracted from the sales return in a certain proportion. Its characteristic is that the use of the cost is completely controlled by the branches, which helps to improve the enthusiasm of the branches, but it is easy to cause short-term behavior of salespersons

second, the separated sales organization mode

1. The functions of the headquarters are disconnected from the functions of branches and agents, and lack of professional support: the management functions of the CNC machine tool industry are basically in the headquarters, while the management functions of branches are very single, often there is only one person in a region, so there is no way to undertake the management functions at all, just simple business functions, and the management cannot be connected with the functions of the headquarters

2. The overall promotion is divorced from the individual promotion, and depends on the power of individuals (the salesperson of the enterprise or the salesperson of the agent): due to the mismatch of functions, the overall promotion of CNC machine tool enterprises and the regional individual promotion cannot be effectively coordinated, and often can only rely on the personal power of the salesperson and the agent to carry out the promotion

III. customer management with interpersonal relationship as the core

1. Professional sales characteristics: This is determined by the professionalism of CNC machine tools

2. Reduce cost investment: using personal relationships to carry out promotion is the most convenient way for domestic CNC machine tool enterprises, which does not require a large amount of cost investment. The funds invested in individuals are basically variable costs, including commission, price difference, etc., which will not occur until the products are sold. Enterprises are naturally willing to use this to mobilize the enthusiasm of salespeople

3. Oversupply and fierce competition: as CNC machines have been widely used in the engineering testing industry, bed enterprises lack advantages in product itself and brand construction. What can be used is only price and personnel promotion, and the most important thing is to rely on the interpersonal relationship with customer procurement clerks to achieve the purpose of sales. The experimental results are more accurate. In a highly competitive environment, The salesperson's personal communication skills have become a decisive factor

4. Sales promotion with gold: users' internal interest needs, because customers' procurement staff need to get additional benefits, make interpersonal communication the best way, which also drives enterprises to take this as the core to build a complete promotion system. The problem of domestic CNC machine tool enterprises is that they rely too much on personal interpersonal communication, which often makes it the only way of promotion. A one-to-one communication mode has been formed, which provides the possibility for the implementation of gold sales. Some CNC machine tool enterprises will also adopt the form of professional promotion meetings, but they are lack of systematization and cannot adhere to it, so the effect is relatively limited

IV. business management of objectives and results

1. Short term business model: domestic CNC machine tool enterprises facing great survival pressure have formed a short-term business idea, so focusing on financial hard objectives rather than soft management objectives, and focusing on final results rather than process has become a business management model, such as cost contracting, third-party buyout, etc

2. Pursue rapid sales growth: under the guidance of the current sales policies of domestic enterprises, all the behaviors of salespersons and agents focus on this indicator. As long as the sales volume can quickly meet the indicators required by the enterprise, any means will be used, but the brand, network, key customers, products, market order, etc. are not within their consideration, which will eventually cause harm to the enterprise

v. personnel management mode of individual combat

1. Characteristics of channel professionalism: product publicity, the establishment and maintenance of interpersonal relationships are all completed independently by salespersons or agents, which has certain difficulties in team management. At the same time, under the goal result oriented business mode, most salespersons and agents are individual combat

2. Lack of systematic promotion mode: many CNC machine tool enterprises rely too much on salespersons, thinking that promotion only needs the salesperson's personal ability, and does not need any complex promotion methods. As long as we can find salespersons with good sales skills, we adopt the traditional experience exchange method in internal personnel management, which depends on the salesperson's personal understanding, What is the structure of the wood-based panel scratch tester? It is difficult to improve rapidly, and the sales effect is difficult to be well controlled

3. Lack of awareness of long-term operation: to establish a sales team full of combat effectiveness, it is necessary to establish a systematic business control system and training system, and quickly improve the professional skills of salesmen through system and training. However, many CNC machine tool enterprises are unwilling to invest too much money and energy to cultivate talents based on the idea of short-term operation. They are worried about brain drain, and are only willing to employ people rather than educate people, So we can only rely on the salesperson to fight the world

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