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Global service zero distance - XCMG IOT makes us close to heart

global service zero distance - XCMG IOT makes us close to heart

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Guide: on November, BMW exhibition XCMG indoor exhibition hall, with the theme of global service zero distance XCMG IOT makes us close to heart, XCMG IOT solution display attracted the audience's great interest, which is very convenient for the rapid adjustment of experimental space. A 20 ㎡ joint exhibition area has been built in XCMG's indoor exhibition hall. The exhibition area combines the most

in the XCMG indoor exhibition hall of BMW Exhibition on November, the display of XCMG IOT solutions with the theme of "global service zero distance - XCMG IOT makes us heart to heart" attracted great interest from the audience

a 20 ㎡ joint exhibition area has been built in XCMG's indoor exhibition hall. Combined with the latest indoor space expression concept and multimedia technology, the exhibition area has created a modern enterprise exhibition hall full of visual impact, dynamic and static forms and brand connotation

as a new generation of networking technology based on Internet, IOT has become the main melody leading the development and progress of various industries today. As a typical application of IOT in the construction machinery industry, IOT of construction machinery will completely subvert the product concept and business profit model of the traditional construction machinery industry, and profoundly affect the development of the construction machinery industry

XCMG group timely proposed the IOT intelligent information service platform project, and in accordance with the guiding ideology of "unified management platform, unified data standards, maintaining industry leadership, and reflecting customer service", it will open up the data links between various subsidiaries and products, and make every effort to build a multi-level Integrated intelligent information service platform. The project will start from two aspects: refining the granularity of business management and control of the host plant and deeply exploring the highlights of customer service, so as to realize the comprehensive application of IOT in the fields of enterprise technology, production, sales, service and so on, create an enterprise intelligent operation platform, provide customers with various equipment management services, and create a customer active service platform and a customer self-service platform. After the completion of the project, it will be three years ahead of China, equal to or even exceed the international advanced level, set a new benchmark in the industry, demonstrate and drive the development of the whole construction machinery industry, and greatly enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises

XCMG materials contacts and measures the eight functional highlights of the temperature system with calibrated equipment:

1. The product commissioning is fully monitored to ensure the factory quality. The GPS terminal collects product debugging data in real time, the IOT platform automatically detects according to the debugging procedures, and the products are warehoused and delivered after reaching the standard

2. Take the initiative to eliminate the fault, and the experts are right beside you. The IOT platform alarms the abnormal working parameters of the product, and the technical experts make remote diagnosis to eliminate the fault in the embryonic stage before the user finds the fault

3. When the equipment fails, the service engineer quickly arrives at the site. The user calls 400 to report for repair. The IOT platform can quickly find the service vehicle and dispatch workers nearby. The service engineer rushes to the scene at the first time to troubleshoot

4. Key monitoring of illegal operations and active warning of dangerous actions. The GPS terminal intelligently adjusts the data transmission frequency, deeply records the illegal operations and dangerous actions of the equipment, and the monitoring personnel actively inform the customers to ensure the construction safety

5. Free self-service platform, equipment status is under control. Provide a free self-service platform to view the geographical location, working hours, historical track, fuel consumption of the day, health status, maintenance reminders and other information of the device through the computer or anytime and anywhere

6. Customize the maintenance strategy, timely remind the maintenance information, customize the professional maintenance strategy for the sold vehicles, timely push the maintenance information to the customers with the help of CRM system, and the service engineer will provide on-site service according to the user's requirements

7. Flexibly allocate equipment resources and quickly promote the progress of the project. Check the working status of multiple equipment, flexibly allocate resources, reasonably allocate work intensity, effectively extend the service life of equipment, and ensure the rapid progress of engineering projects

8. Strengthen the supervision of operators and reduce management costs. Track playback and work reports are used to monitor the operation status of the operator, reduce the number of supervisors on site and reduce the management cost

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