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The global shipbuilding industry has entered a "dangerous period"

why not After the gloom of 2011, what is the prospect of the global shipbuilding industry in 2012? Industry insiders said that the prosperity of the shipbuilding industry is not optimistic, and the industry depression trend is difficult to reverse. In the coming years, a large number of shipbuilding enterprises will face bankruptcy and delisting, and the global shipbuilding industry will enter a dangerous period

last year, the final order volume of new ships hit a new low

the BDI index, which symbolizes the freight rate level of the international dry bulk fatigue testing machine after being equipped with corresponding experimental fixtures, recently hit a new low of 651 points, falling below 663 points when the financial crisis broke out in 2008. The downturn in the shipping market has made it more difficult for the shipbuilding industry to receive orders. Some small shipyards that have exhausted their hand-held orders are in the dilemma of having no orders to make, and face the doom of bankruptcy and delisting

according to the statistics released by Clarkson, an independent consulting company in the international shipping industry, the total number of global shipbuilding orders in 2011 was 5896, the lowest since 2006, with a total value of $336.7 billion. In that year, the number of new shipbuilding orders signed worldwide was 1214, a decrease of 48% over 2010. The shipyard completed 2489 vessels, a record 151.3 million dwt. Clarkson pointed out that 2011 may be the peak of this shipbuilding cycle. At present, there are no new shipbuilding orders delivered after 2014, and existing orders are increasingly facing the risk of delay and cancellation

the global shipbuilding industry has entered a dangerous period

at the beginning of this year, the BDI index remained at about 1700 points. In just over a month, due to the abnormal weather in Australia, Brazil and other sources of goods and the Chinese Lunar New Year, the decline was close to 70%. In addition, the European debt crisis led to insufficient demand and excess power in the shipping industry, which further worsened the relationship between supply and demand in the shipping market. The shipping industry has suffered a heavy blow, resulting in ship owners cancelling orders, and the reduction of new orders received by shipbuilding enterprises has become more serious

according to the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, the shipbuilding completion volume has exceeded the number of new orders received in the same period for 12 consecutive months, and 1/3 of the shipyards within the statistical range have not received orders. In addition, the proportion of high priced ships in the ships delivered at present has decreased significantly, while factors such as the rise of labor costs and the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate have not changed significantly, resulting in the decline of the main economic indicators of the shipbuilding industry. After the difficulties of ship delivery and order receiving in the past, we must accept the challenge of difficult profitability

some industry experts predict that in 2012, the world's new ship ordering volume was about 70-80 million dwt, and the shipbuilding completion volume was about 150million DWT. The imbalance between supply and demand in the shipbuilding industry will become more serious, and the new ship price may continue to decline. It is expected that the problem of difficult profitability in the shipbuilding industry will become more prominent. Bao Zhangjing, chief researcher of China Shipbuilding Industry Economic Research Center, said frankly that the situation of shipbuilding industry in 2012 may be more severe than that in 2011

Chinese shipbuilding enterprises are facing a wave of bankruptcy

under the background of the recession of the global shipbuilding industry, China has surpassed South Korea to become the world's first in the three major indicators of new orders, hand-held orders and construction. However, insiders still said that although China's shipbuilding capacity is the world's leading, the lack of high-end manufacturing capacity is serious, and a large number of shipbuilding enterprises will be eliminated

a few days ago, Tan Zuojun, general manager of China Shipbuilding Corporation, said in an interview with the media that this year is a critical period to determine the life and death of shipbuilding enterprises, because most of China's shipbuilding enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, with little investment and relatively simple facilities. They blindly entered the shipbuilding field during the peak period of shipbuilding enterprises, and now they will choose to exit after the market downturn. These enterprises do not have market competitiveness, and may not even have the value of restructuring. In the next year, 50% of domestic shipbuilding enterprises will be eliminated

for the elimination rate of 50% which is easy to operate, Bao Zhangjing believes that although this data is a personal judgment, it is also a close degree. At present, the problem of overcapacity in the shipbuilding industry is serious, and China's capacity alone can meet the global shipbuilding demand. Therefore, half of the capacity is vacant, and many shipbuilding enterprises are bound to withdraw due to lack of orders. The withdrawal ratio will be determined by the economic trend. If the economic situation worsens further, more ship enterprises may withdraw from the market

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