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Factors of tower crane accidents (2)

(3) human factors

in many tower crane accidents. Most accidents are caused by users' illegal operation or misoperation. The two accidents mentioned below also have factors of illegal operation

the non driver of a unit does not ring the bell to drive. As a result, the workers who carried out maintenance on the track were crushed. When inspecting tqsob tower crane, the installation team of a mechanical construction company prepared to remove the counterweight first and then replace the pull plate pin in order to replace the jib pull pin, connect the jib with the lifting rope, and then lift the jib with a car. Open the lifting arm pull plate pin, and when lowering the lifting arm, the tower crane loses balance due to the large backward overturning torque generated by the balance weight, so that the balance arm and the tower can pass the test ldquo; Spheroidization rate rdquo; Tips fall together

accident during disassembly and assembly. Because the metal structure of the tower is high and heavy, the disassembly and assembly of the tower crane is a high-altitude operation, which is dangerous and highly technical. In the tower crane accidents, the accidents during the disassembly and assembly process account for a considerable proportion, and they are relatively large accidents. Some tower cranes are not disassembled by professional pendulum impact testing machine maintenance and inspection methods installation team, but by non professional personnel. Because the quality of installation personnel is not high, they do not have the ability to prepare installation plans, do not have the ability to select plans and mechanical calculations, and do not have the ability to formulate scientific disassembly and assembly, so they can not solve new problems or special problems in the operation process, and it is inevitable that something happens. Some installation quality is not up to standard, leaving hidden dangers of accidents

improper management. The competent units and safety departments did not train the staff enough, did not understand and implement the rules and regulations enough, and did not manage the work site enough, all of which laid hidden dangers for the accident. Some enterprise systems are not perfect, and the staff have no rules to follow, so they have to rely on their personal experience to operate, which is easy to make mistakes; Some enterprises have not implemented special aircraft, and the operating handles are arranged differently due to the different models of each factory. Therefore, the driver may make mistakes; Some construction sites temporarily combine some staff for work needs, making it difficult for commanders, drivers and riggers to achieve coordination and consistency in their work. Some non professionals or leaders act as operators temporarily, which inevitably leads to errors and accidents; Some enterprises do not pay attention to maintenance management, and fail to eliminate the potential accident in the bud

(4) natural causes

the so-called natural causes of ugliness refers to the sudden harm that people can't see, which is not transferred by human will. Some are irresistible disasters. Wang Haowei's scientific and technological team was shortlisted as one of the top 10 high-level scientific and technological talent teams in the province. Like earthquake, flood and typhoon, it can cause Guangdong earthquake directly or indirectly. For example, in the manufacturing process of tower crane, the residual internal stress of structural parts is too large, and the stress concentration in use is under the action of external force. The local stress of the structure increases sharply, resulting in sudden fracture of components, leading to accidents, which is also unpredictable for users. In addition, the tower crane made of ordinary structural steel will produce brittle fracture when operating below minus 20 ℃, resulting in the fracture of stressed

components. The electric power supply voltage is too low. In the past, it was usually sample preparation detection, and the system voltage drop was too large, resulting in electrical control failure, resulting in out of control of the mechanism and accidents

other factors may also cause accidents, such as the insufficient safety distance between the tower crane and the high-voltage line or adjacent buildings, which may lead to electric shock or collision accidents

insufficient pressure on the foundation of tower crane can lead to foundation instability and tower collapse accident

unreasonable binding or unfavorable suspension of lifting objects will lead to heavy objects falling accidents. The safety protection measures of the retainer, guardrail and safety platform of the tower crane do not meet the requirements, which may cause personnel falling accidents. The above factors are the causes of accidents. Only by operating in accordance with regulations and strengthening the maintenance of equipment, can hidden dangers be eliminated and safe production be ensured

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