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Factors needing attention in the design of sealed packaging

sealing is the most fundamental and important function of any packaging, which can ensure that items are effectively moisture-proof and isolated from the air. The literal meaning of the word "sealed" usually means that there is no exchange between the packaging in the packaging container and external things. In fact, there are few absolute sealed packages. Almost all packages have sealing devices without exception, and successful packaging always depends on its sealing performance, which affects the safety and effectiveness of modern residents. The reason why glass bottles can store products that are highly sensitive to humidity for a long time completely depends on the effective sealing performance of glass bottles. If the size of its sealing cap deviates, and if the high permeability and low barrier materials are selected during casting, the glass bottle will lose its sealing function and become useless

sealing technology is the basis of sealed packaging. No matter how well designed the packaging is, if the sealing process does not meet the standard, the tightness of the packaging will be lost. Sealing, also known as sealing, sealing, refers to various sealing processes that are carried out after the products are packed in the packaging container to ensure that the contents are retained in the container during transportation, storage and sales and to avoid pollution. There are many kinds of packaging sealing methods and materials and components used, such as gluing cover, heat sealing and sealing. Sealed packaging is a complex technology. Designers should consider many factors when designing sealed packaging

convenient opening and use

convenient function is one of the three major functions of commodity packaging. Convenient functions include convenient production, convenient storage and transportation, convenient display and sales, convenient opening and use, convenient processing, etc. The transportation packaging should be convenient for retailers to open, and the sales packaging should be convenient for consumers to open and use. Transportation packaging cartons with sewing thread openings, cartons sealed with adhesive tape and cans are all convenient to open. Convenient use means to convey the methods and precautions of using a product to consumers in concise language or diagrams

in daily life, we often encounter difficulties in opening food packaging. For example, there are many similar problems in metal canned food, and it may cause harm to human body when opening the package, such as scratching, cutting hands, etc. Plastic food bag packaging also has similar problems. Many people are embarrassed when they are traveling or leisure because they do not carry opening tools around. Such packaging brings a lot of inconvenience to consumers. In addition, this kind of hard to open packaging is also a threat to the health status of food, such as the tearing of composite plastic paper leads to the contact between printing materials and food. At the same time, once such hard to open packages are opened, there is also the problem of not being sealed repeatedly, which leads to food pollution. However, with the improvement of technology and the renewal of materials, easy to open and easy to seal packaging containers have developed rapidly for their convenience. On the one hand, easy to open and easy to seal materials such as composite plastic film, aluminum plate and other parts replace the past tin sheet; On the other hand, cans, self sealing bags, easy to open cans and rotating glass bottles are used to partially replace the past round cans, roll sealed glass bottles, etc

in addition, in order to meet the requirements that athletes can drink without stopping during sports, an American packaging company has designed and produced a push-pull bottle cap. The bottle cap is designed with a sipping bottle mouth, which is clamped on the water bottle holder of the bicycle for consumers to drink when riding. A Canadian company that has been engaged in meat processing for a long time has developed a new polyester material package with a hot formed polyvinylidene chloride coextrusion film on the top, so that consumers can immediately open the package without difficulty and enjoy the delicious fresh meat food

unpacking warning (revealing theft) function

unpacking warning packaging, also known as revealing theft packaging, refers to the packaging that allows consumers to identify whether the commodity packaging has been opened from the appearance of the commodity to a certain extent. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration defines "open package" as: "a package of internal products can be obtained only by opening or destroying a display or barrier." At present, there are many kinds of unpacking warning packaging used around the world, including wrapping film, bundling, blister (blister) or body fitting packaging, heat sealing film or elastic wrapping film, internal sealing, unpacking warning bottle cap, sealed cardboard box, metal cans and composite containers

for any packaging manufacturer, the most important thing is to ensure that when the goods reach the hands of consumers, consumers can identify whether the goods in the package have been tampered with, and eliminate all potential safety hazards. The landmark event with serious consequences due to passive handling of packaging occurred in the United States in the 1980s. Tylenol pain tablets were artificially contaminated with highly toxic cyanide, resulting in death. Therefore, the design of unpacking warning has been paid more and more attention by many convenience food and drug manufacturers. Although the absolutely "anti pilferage" packaging actually does not exist, manufacturers are trying to take effective measures to stop the illegal acts of those opportunistic illegal pilferages. The first method they usually adopt is to improve the complexity of the structure of the packaging itself, which will deter illegal thieves, especially the complexity of the container mouth device. The second is to leave obvious marks on the opened packages, so that consumers can identify whether the goods have been "tampered" before they reach their hands

hygiene of food packaging and child safety

hygiene of food, as the basic requirement of food packaging, not only refers to ensuring that food is not affected by external factors before reaching consumers, but also requires that packaging can remain hygienic when food consumption is completed (not disposable), which requires food packaging to have a repeated airtight structure. Whether paper or plastic, most bag structures have common shortcomings in terms of health and safety, that is, the whole bag of food must be consumed at one time, which is difficult for most food packaging. At present, the packaging of some foods in the market is well done, such as the packaging of poli seaweed. Simple poli seaweed adopts a zipper structure plastic bag that can be repeatedly sealed, which can be repeatedly opened and sealed, thus obtaining a relative health and safety guarantee

the appropriate definition of children's safety packaging is: "the packaging containing dangerous goods such as drugs, household cleaners and pesticides cannot be opened by children, but it cannot hinder the normal use of adults." There are two international standards (ISO) for child safety packaging. The en 28317 standard formulated in 1985 is applicable to the packages that can be closed again after opening, that is, the containers with covers containing large doses of products and the packages that need to be opened and closed repeatedly. 199abs/pc alloy has good mechanical strength, toughness and flame retardancy. The en 862 standard introduced in 7 years is applicable to disposable packaging, such as the squeeze blister packaging on commonly used tablets. Once the packaging is damaged, the product will be removed

it is very important to fully recognize each product and evaluate its possible impact, which involves not only eating, but also skin, eyes, etc. The length of time children spend opening the product must also be taken into account. If a drop of bleach splashes on a person's face, the first reaction of adults is to wash it away quickly with cold water, so as to minimize its damage to the skin and prevent the skin from turning red temporarily. Children react differently, which means that the same drop of bleach stays on their faces for a long time and causes greater damage for a long time. Therefore, an objective and comprehensive evaluation should be carried out, and reasonable sealed packaging should be used to ensure the safety of children

dose control function and measurement function

Product packaging design not only provides a legal way to obtain goods, but also makes the use of products more effective and safe through the dose control function of sealed containers, which is particularly important in drug packaging. In addition, the product measurement function provides additional functions for products that only have dose control function by setting the usage of different levels. There are many forms of measuring utensils, including measuring cups and measuring bottles of dry cleaning liquid, which simply perform the function of accurate measurement; However, for those highly complex metering systems, such as respirators and self injectable insulin, users need to use them carefully, and the design requirements for the accuracy of the latter are significantly more stringent than the former

for many dose control and measurement systems, the primary consideration in the design is to understand the natural properties of the product and ensure that the performance of the contents will not change in all links of batch batching. At the same time, the design of sealed containers should also consider the normal changes of products. If the product agglomerates due to contact with air, the anti condensation device should be considered in the design, so as to maintain the original state of the product and satisfy consumers in aesthetic psychology

before the product is used up, the container nozzle that can be closed can effectively seal the product to ensure that its quality does not change, so as to avoid repeated purchases by consumers. Finally, the so-called virtual instrument is based on the computer and makes a brief summary for the use guide of the dose control and Metrology functions of packaging: first, it should be as simple, convenient and clear as possible; Secondly, the corresponding pictogram is an ideal choice; Moreover, if the explanation is too cumbersome and complex, it should be marked on the sealing device to help consumers use it correctly

selection of sealing packaging materials

economic rationality is the basic basis for selecting sealing packaging materials. When selecting sealing packaging materials, we should not only consider the quality of the packaged goods, but also the value of the packaged goods. For high-end products or products with high added value, the distance between the two rollers should be conveniently and accurately set, and the sealing packaging materials with high price and performance should be selected. For products with moderate prices, in addition to beauty, we should also consider economy, and the materials used should be equal to it. For products with lower prices, while ensuring their safety and maintaining their protective functions, we should pay attention to the affordability and choose sealed packaging materials with lower prices

the selection of sealing packaging materials should fully consider the circulation conditions and climatic conditions. The circulation conditions, including climate, transportation mode, circulation object and circulation cycle, largely affect the selection of packaging materials. Climatic conditions mean that the sealed packaging materials should adapt to the temperature, humidity, temperature difference, etc. in the circulation area. The selection of sealing packaging materials should also depend on the expected shelf life of the packaging, the need to reopen after opening, and the requirements of product image. Some properties of packaging materials are known to us, and these properties and data play a great guiding role in our selection of materials. If the design of a sealed package needs to be reused for many times, the flexibility of plastic materials becomes very important, especially for the cast pop-up cover and the one-piece hinge cover. The choice of packaging materials and decorations will also directly affect the image of products in the market

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