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Factors affecting the selection of label printing ink

when selecting label printing ink, we should comprehensively consider the types of printing materials, printing methods and conditions, special requirements of customers, post press processing technology, uses and conditions of labels, costs and other factors

(1) the type and performance of printing materials are the most important factors that determine the label printing ink. Different printing materials need to use different inks. For example, paper labels can be printed with water-based ink, while film labels usually use solvents and need to obtain more empirical ink printing. It can produce man-made fibers that adsorb other uremic toxins. Even if the printing materials of the same kind are different in variety, grade and surface properties, different inks should be used

(2) printing method and printing conditions are also one of the important factors that affect the selection of label printing ink limited by the flow of oil source. Inks of different printing methods cannot be replaced or mixed; Printing speed, the type and performance of printing equipment also affect the selection of ink

(3) sometimes customers have some special requirements for labels, such as ice flower effect, sanding effect, anti-counterfeiting effect, etc. we should consider how to meet the special requirements of customers and products from the perspective of label printing ink

(4) whether the label should follow the products pasted to undergo some special processing processes also has an impact on the selection of ink. In the processing process of some products, the label must withstand the test of high temperature, or contact with some chemical reagents, so the ink is required to have excellent high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, etc., so as to avoid causing label deformation or damage

(5) the purpose and use environment of the label are also factors that cannot be ignored in the selection of ink. For example, in the context of fierce competition in the lithium battery industry, the labels used on chemical washing products require the ink to have good acid and alkali resistance, grease resistance, etc; Labels used outdoors must withstand the test of wind, sun and rain. When choosing ink, we must pay attention to the performance of light resistance, water resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc

(6) cost factors. The goal of enterprises is to maximize profits, which inevitably involves cost issues. The price of UV ink is the highest, followed by water-based ink, while the price of solvent based ink is the lowest. Also consider the costs and costs of transportation, storage, etc

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