Basic terms of the hottest paper industry II

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Basic terms of paper industry (2)

fine corrugated

also known as E-type corrugated board, which is thin and has good stiffness. It is generally used to make cartons as sales packaging; E-type corrugated board can also be used as ampoule buffer separator alone

yellow paperboard

yellow paperboard, also known as straw paperboard, is yellow in color. It is mainly used for ordinary paper box packaging shoes, hardware products and some cheap goods. After being pasted with a layer of beautifully printed label paper, it is also used for packaging clothing and knitwear. The raw materials for the production of yellow paperboard are 100% natural lime rice straw pulp or wheat straw pulp and waste paper

carton board

carton board is used as the surface of corrugated board. After being made into a box, it is the surface of the carton. Therefore, it is required that the carton board has high strength properties such as pressure resistance, folding resistance, tensile resistance, wear resistance, puncture resistance, and a certain degree of water resistance. The paper is strong and tough. At the same time, it must also have good appearance performance and printability

shopping bags

include paper shopping bags with handles. Shopping bags require high strength and must be printed. They are generally made of kraft paper, with stiffeners outside the handle, and also made of high quantitative art coated paper (coated offset printing paper). After color printing and decoration, they are elegant and can be used repeatedly

composite bag

when using multilayer paper to make bags, in order to prevent moisture, add plastic film or asphalt moisture-proof paper in the middle layer of the paper bag

cement bag

includes composite cement bag, plastic woven cement bag and cement bag paper

adhesive tape

it is made of paper adhesive tape, cloth adhesive tape, thermal adhesive tape and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape by taking paper, cloth and plastic film as the base material, and then coating the wet adhesive evenly on the above base material. It is composed of base material, adhesive and stripping agent

composite cans

advantages of good balance

composite cans are a new type of packaging products that have developed rapidly in recent years. It is made of cardboard, plastic film and aluminum foil in a certain way, and then sealed with a metal or plastic cover to make a composite tank with good barrier, water and oil resistance. It is widely used in the packaging of food, grease and its paste and liquid materials, instead of metal and glass cans, which is conducive to waste disposal and reduces the packaging cost

pulp molding

includes egg tray and fruit tray. It takes waste paper as raw material, adds some chemicals, and then makes model products of various shapes according to different uses. It is used as the packaging liner of eggs, fruits, precision devices, fragile glass, ceramic products, handicrafts, etc., and has good cushioning and protection performance. Pulp molding technology and equipment have developed rapidly. The basic process is three processes: pulp preparation, molding and drying

self-adhesive paper

mostly white board paper with high strength, which is basically the same as foreign requirements that the lower limit of measurement is more than 200 times the resolution. It is used as base paper, coated with self-adhesive and becomes self-adhesive paper. Usage: self adhesive paper printing trademarks, marks common sheet metal damage in addition to the above situation, there is also paper in the process of transportation

color packaging

color includes color packaging cartons, corrugated color packaging, paper plastic color packaging boxes, etc

glass paperboard

is a kind of flat paper, which is glossy on both sides

aluminum foil backing paper

aluminum foil backing paper: including vacuum aluminized paper. Paper and aluminum foil are combined together with adhesive to make backing paper. It is mainly used for cigarette, candy and other packaging

corrugated carton

corrugated cardboard is made into corrugated carton by die cutting, indentation, nailing or gluing. Corrugated box is one of the most widely used packaging products, and its consumption has always been the first of all packaging products. Including calcium plastic corrugated boxes

corrugated paperboard

includes honeycomb paperboard. After the thick paper is processed into corrugated shape, it is bonded with the paperboard in a certain way to form a multilayer paperboard called corrugated paperboard

other paper packaging

including palpable boxes, computer paper products, transparent paper packaging, refrigerated boxes, transportation packaging, fertilizer bags, water coated adhesive tape paper, wood pulp, color printing paper, cigarette paper, paper packaging materials, paper plastic packaging products, calcium plastic board lining, silk packaging, buckle boxes, injection boxes, pharmaceutical packaging, tarpaulin, cotton paper, iron lock packaging, foam soda, hemp packaging products, plastic envelopes, inner lattice matching, clothing pallets Kraft paper bags

paper packaging products

mainly include cartons, cartons, paper bags 3, tensile testing machines, etc

fine corrugated carton

the carton produced by D and e corrugated is called fine corrugated carton

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