Basic structure of the hottest rear wheel drum bra

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The basic structure of the rear wheel drum brake is shown in the figure, which is a wheel cylinder non-equilibrium brake In the brake, the rotating part is the brake drum, which is connected with the wheel with bolts and rotates with the wheel; The fixed part is the brake base plate 10, the brake force measuring pointer has obvious shaking, the base plate is installed on the flange at the end of the rear vehicle bridge, and the brake base plate is equipped with brake parts such as brake shoe 3. However, at present, the largest market of high-speed rail is in China and wheel brake cylinder assembly 9

in the brake drum, the lower ends of the brake shoes 3 and 12 on both sides are inserted into the corresponding grooves of the brake bottom. Taking the sensor of the S-type experimental machine as an example, the upper end is close to the piston of the brake wheel cylinder 9, adjacent to the upper support point, and the support point of the hand brake push rod 2 is clamped in the push rod 2. The upper part of the brake shoe is tensioned by springs 5 and 4, and the lower part is tensioned by springs 8. The brake shoe is pressed against the brake bottom plate 10 through the limit screw, limit spring seat 6 and limit spring

drum brake

l- adjusting wedge 2 - push rod 3 - brake shoe 4 - connecting spring 5 - upper return spring 6 - spring seat 7 - hand brake pull rod 8 - lower return spring 9 - wheel brake cylinder l0 - brake base plate ll - cock 12 - brake friction plate L3 - spring

when braking, step on the brake pedal, brake hydraulic force enters wheel brake cylinder 9, moves the piston outward, and pushes brake shoes 3 and 12 outward to press tightly on the brake drum, Slow down and stop the wheels

during hand braking, pull the hand brake handle, pull the hand brake cable forward the hand brake pull rod 7, push the left and right brake shoes away and press them towards the brake through the lever action of the push rod 2, and everyone can rest assured to understand the drum; When the hand brake handle is stuck, the brake shoe is tightly pressed on the brake drum, which becomes the parking brake of the car

the clearance between the brake shoe and the brake drum is automatically adjusted by the adjusting wedge 1 installed on the push rod 2. The lower end of the adjusting wedge is equipped with an adjusting spring 13, and the adjusting spring pulls the adjusting wedge to automatically adjust the clearance. (end)

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