Basic wiring of wJR soft start unit of the hottest

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Basic wiring of wJR soft start unit of generator

(I) working principle of wJR soft start unit

wjr soft start unit is shown in the figure

(II) wiring diagram of main circuit and control circuit

circuit is shown in the figure. Figure (a) is the main circuit wiring diagram; Figure (b) shows the wiring diagram of 7.5 ~ 55kW control circuit; Figure (c) shows the wiring diagram of 75 ~ 315KW control circuit; Figure (d) shows the main circuit of soft start unit

Description: (1) TA1, TA2 and TA3 are sampling current transformers (which can be used in series with indicating ammeter, but the transformer transformation ratio should meet the requirements of the table)

table wJR unit current transformer selection table

soft starter power (kw) 7 5 ~ current transformer (a) 75:5100:5150:5200:5300: calculated by using the rising spectrum formula: a1=5400:5500:5 soft starter power (kw) ~ 132160 ~ 185220 ~ 250315 current transformer (a) 600:5800:51000:51500:52000:53000:5 (2) circuit breakers, contactors and transformers can be purchased by users

(3) the start and stop buttons do not need external power supply (passive contact) and are directly connected

1. Description of control signal terminal

(1) bypass signal output terminal

after the output of the soft starting unit reaches full voltage (starting is completed), the contact of the bypass relay is closed and output through the terminal (contact rated

on-off current: 5a/250v (AC), which is used to connect the bypass contactor (km), as shown in figure (b). When the rated current of the contactor is more than 160A, an intermediate relay (KA) is required to control the contactor, as shown in figure (c)

(2) start, stop and common end signal input terminals

① three line control. As shown in figure (b), press the start button (SB2) and the motor starts. After starting, the bypass contactor is closed and the system is in bypass working state. Press the stop button (SB1) to enter the soft stop state (if the soft stop time is set to zero, the motor will stop freely)

figure WJR Unit soft start working principle diagram

② second line control. As shown in figure (b), the stop end is suspended (button SB1 is not connected), press the start button (SB2) and the motor starts to start and run. Lift the start button (SB2) and enter the soft stop state (if the soft stop time is set to zero, the motor will stop freely). This method can be used for inching or relay control

(3) current transformer input terminal

the secondary current (0 ~ 5a) output terminals of three current transformers (TA1, TA2, TA3) in the main circuit are connected to the terminals of "transformer 1", "transformer 2" and "transformer 3" of the soft start unit respectively. No phase sequence and phase requirements. The common end of current transformer secondary line shall be reliably grounded

(4) fault signal output terminal

when the external power supply, external motor and soft starting unit have faults, it will automatically stop, the fault relay will act, and its "fault signal output" terminal will output the passive switch closing signal, which can be used to control the external interlocking equipment (contact rated on-off current: 5a/250v (AC))

(5) working status indicator

starting state: the yellow indicator is always on

figure wiring diagram of main circuit and control circuit

(a) wiring diagram of main circuit; 10 points suitable for the working condition of the hydraulic system of the dynamic fatigue testing machine (in mold labeling package b) 7.5 ~ 55kW control circuit wiring diagram; (c) 75 ~ 315KW control circuit wiring diagram; (d) Soft start unit main circuit

operation status: the green indicator is always on

parking status: the red indicator is always on

soft stop status: the yellow indicator light flashes (when entering the soft stop function)

2. Safety precautions during wiring

(1) when connecting the input power line, output load line and ground wire, please follow the relevant regulations to ensure safety

(2) the output end of the thyristor (connected to the motor side) cannot be connected to the compensation capacitor

(3) the shell of soft start unit shall be reliably grounded

(4) the input terminals (R, s, t) of the soft start unit are the external power supply of the main circuit, and the output terminals (U, V, w) are external loads. The input and output cannot be reversed

(5) the bypass contactor must be used in parallel with the soft starting unit, and the phase sequence must be consistent; Avoid causing phase to phase short circuit and damaging the soft start unit (see Figure)

(6) inspection is also an indispensable test instrument for scientific research institutions to carry out new material research. When repairing the soft start unit, the main power supply and control power supply must be disconnected

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