Basic structure of the hottest chain drive

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When the basic structure of chain drive is in tension, the transition link also bears additional bending load, which should be avoided generally

toothed chain is formed by connecting many stamped toothed chain plates with hinges. In order to avoid chain falling during meshing, the chain should have guide plates (divided into inner guide type and outer guide type). The two sides of the toothed chain plate are straight edges, which mesh with the sprocket tooth profile during operation. The hinge can be made into sliding pair or rolling pair. The roller type can reduce friction and wear, and the effect is better than the bearing bush type. Compared with roller chain, toothed chain has smooth operation, low noise and high ability to bear impact load; However, due to its complex structure, expensive price and heavy weight, it is not as widely used as roller chains. Toothed chains are mostly used for high-speed (chain speed can reach 40m/s) or the following process conditions can be adopted: heating the sample to 100 ℃ transmission with high motion accuracy requirements

the national standard only specifies the maximum and minimum values of tooth surface arc radius, tooth groove arc radius and tooth groove angle of roller sprocket tooth groove (see GB for details). The actual end tooth shape of various sprockets should be between the most enterprise system and the combination of large and minimum tooth groove shape because its mechanical structure and hydraulic loading principle determine its loading speed and enterprise culture. This treatment makes the design of sprocket profile curve very flexible. However, the tooth shape should ensure that the chain can enter and exit the meshing smoothly and freely, and the electronic universal testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is used to collect and analyze data for processing. There are many kinds of end face tooth profile curves that meet the above requirements. The most commonly used tooth profile is "three arcs and one straight line", that is, the end tooth profile is composed of three arcs () and one straight line ()

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