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With "dual 4G", we should choose China Unicom or China Mobile

the so-called dual 4G is tdd+fdd, which will be a 4G model system mainly promoted by China Unicom in the second half of the year, and also a customized terminal requirement made by China Unicom in combination with its own 4G characteristics

at the Lenovo press conference on August 11, the concept of dual 4G was implemented on the terminal for the first time. It is also 4G. Do you choose China Mobile or China Unicom

it has been less than a year since commercial use, FDD licenses have not been issued, and the number of users is even smaller. However, there are many new concepts similar to 5-mode 10 frequency, 5-mode 13 frequency, dual 4G and other systems, which are confused. Behind these concepts are actually the game behind the two operators. At the beginning of the article, I also put forward my position directly. For ordinary consumers, it is just one word: wait

first of all, the five modes with Chinese characteristics means that one chip supports TD-LTE, fdd-lte, TD-SCDMA and WCDM, and has achieved excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. At present, only Qualcomm can produce such a chip, which is a solution spanning 2G, 3G and 4G

the most noteworthy one is fdd-lte. Since China has not officially issued fdd-lte licenses to China Unicom (Weibo) and Chinatelecom (Weibo), this system cannot be used nationwide (some pilot cities can). However, in the long run, fdd-lte is the most popular 4G system in the world. Therefore, in principle, the five modules are qualified for global roaming, In principle, the reason is that the frequency points of fdd-lte have not been divided. If the frequency band resources are occupied, it is very likely that the domestic fdd-lte frequency points are not consistent with the international standards. This situation can only be solved

frequency is boring, including GSM 850/900/1800mhz, WCDMA 2100/1900/850mhz, TD-SCDMA/, tdd-lte 1900/2300/2600mhz

fdd-lte 1800/2600mhz. You may have a question from this pile of numbers. Are the 4G systems of the three major operators compatible? That is to say, if I buy a 4G at random, I can make full use of the advantages of each motor to form a large-scale precision test instrument. Can I use the service of whoever I want? Of course not

in fact, in November last year, the Ministry of industry and information technology divided three TDD bands: China Mobile (microblog) 1880 -1900 MHz, 5. Clearly focused on the slide specimen MHz, MHz, China Unicom MHz, MHz, Chinatelecom MHz, MHz. That is to say, the TDDS and networks of the three companies are not common. This just gives each company a chance to show its talents. That is to say, whoever can be the first to be compatible with each other's networks may take the lead

at present, it seems that China Unicom's dual 4G is ahead. The so-called dual 4G is tdd+fdd, which will be a 4G model system mainly promoted by China Unicom in the second half of the year. At the same time, it is also a customized terminal requirement made by China Unicom in combination with its own 4G characteristics. On the one hand, China Unicom's TDD license has been gradually rolled out, on the other hand, FDD has also entered the experimental stage in 16 cities, and the acquisition of China Unicom's FDD license in the future must be a certainty, Therefore, the dual 4G mode will be the main 4G mode of China Unicom for a period of time, and it is also a powerful weapon to compete with China Mobile 4G

as we all know, China Mobile has long put forward the concept of 5-mode 13 frequency in terms of 4G customization. Although it also covers the dual 4G mode of tdd+fdd, as far as we know, the FDD mode covered cannot cover the frequency points of Unicom's FDD; On the contrary, the TDD under the dual 4G mode of China Unicom can include the current TDD frequency of China Mobile, that is, many models, including the two dual 4G models released by Lenovo on August 11, will be able to run under the two 4G networks of China Mobile and China Unicom in the future, which is undoubtedly a huge advantage

at the press conference on August 11, I also communicated with the senior management of China Unicom. As mentioned earlier, dual 4G will be a feature and main direction of China Unicom in the second half of the year. This dual 4G mode also has the characteristics of global roaming, in which the proportion of medium and high-end models will increase

of course, China Unicom has not taken the lead in 4G, because 5-mode 17 frequency products have been launched one after another. This cross fire makes it very difficult for users to make a choice. What is more difficult for smart factories is that unless the words "compatible with China Unicom/mobile 4G network" are clearly marked, who will look at the parameter table on the back of the packaging box a little and not understand it. Therefore, when 4G is less than the anniversary, and the coverage, service and tariff have yet to be improved, users do not have to rush to choose 4G services, because no one has an absolute advantage

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