China to invest 20billion US dollars in India

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China will invest $20billion in India China and India will consider joint construction of high-speed rail China will invest $20billion in India China and India will consider joint construction of high-speed rail China Construction Machinery Information China and India have a combined population of more than 2.5 billion. If China and India speak with one voice, the whole world will listen; The whole world will pay attention to the cooperation between China and India. China and India should strengthen strategic cooperation in global affairs, inherit and carry forward the five principles of peaceful coexistence, adhere to sovereign equality, fairness and justice, common security, common development, win-win cooperation, inclusiveness and mutual learning, and safeguard the common interests of the two countries and developing countries

[railway] train technical personnel for India

joint statement: the leaders of the two countries noted with satisfaction the progress made in China India railway cooperation. The two sides signed the memorandum of railway cooperation and action plan, including the following points: first, the two sides will cooperate to confirm the technical input required for the speed increase of the existing line in Chennai Bangalore Mysore section. Second, China will provide training in heavy haul transportation for 100 Indian railway technical officials. Third, the two sides will cooperate with an innovation team composed of Professor guopiyi of Kunming University of technology as the project leader in the fields of station redevelopment and the establishment of Railway University in India. Fourth, India is willing to actively consider cooperating with China to build a high-speed railway

[exchanges] China opens more pilgrimage routes

joint statement: India thanks the Ministry of foreign affairs of the people's Republic of China and the government of the Tibet Autonomous Region for their support and cooperation in receiving Indian pilgrims every year. In order to further promote religious exchanges between the two countries and facilitate Indian pilgrims, at the request of the Indian side, the Chinese side decided to open more pilgrimage routes through the naiduila pass and use the food packaging film produced by the new brand of iquid XP. India welcomes and thanks this

India thanks China for providing India with hydrological data in flood season and providing assistance in emergency response. The two sides will continue to carry out cooperation in flood reporting and emergency response of cross-border rivers through the expert level mechanism, and exchange views on other issues of common concern

[border] early settlement of the border issue

joint statement: the two sides exchanged views on the China India border issue and reaffirmed their commitment to seeking a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable solution based on the overall interests of bilateral relations. The two sides recalled the agreement on political guiding principles for the settlement of the border issue signed in April2005, reaffirmed their commitment to an early settlement of the border issue, and firmly believed that this is in line with the basic interests of the two countries and will be promoted as a strategic goal. Both sides agreed that the special representative mechanism established for the political settlement of the border issue and the China India border affairs consultation and coordination mechanism established for the handling of border affairs play an important role and significance

both sides believe that peace and tranquility in the border areas between China and India is an important guarantee for the development and sustained growth of bilateral relations. Before the final settlement of the border issue, the two sides will jointly maintain peace and tranquility in the border area

[anti terrorism] zero tolerance for terrorism

joint statement: the two sides reaffirmed their firm opposition to terrorism in any form and manifestation with a "zero tolerance" attitude and committed to cooperation in anti-terrorism. The two sides stressed the need to implement all relevant UN resolutions, especially UN Security Council resolutions 1267, 1373, 1540 and 1624

these friendly personages and groups are: Doctor of Indian medical aid team to China, family representative of internationalist soldier Ko Tihua, Dr. Ko Tihua Memorial Committee, China College of Indian International University, India China Friendship Association, Mohapatra, Secretary General of India China Friends Association, and Reid, Secretary General of India China Friends Association in Andhra Pradesh

bhanaji, Dean of the China Institute of Indian International University, spoke on behalf of the winners. He introduced Tagore's founding of the China Institute in those years and the Institute's long-term efforts to promote friendly exchanges between India and China

Manorama kotnis, the third younger sister of Ko Tihua, is 93 years old. She came from Mumbai in a wheelchair to attend the event. The kodihua family will inherit the kodihua spirit and strive to make further contributions to the cause of India China friendship

note: it is recorded in the literature that the Indian (ancient India) eminent monks jayamotong and Zhu flange were invited by those sent by Emperor Ming of Han Dynasty to the western regions to seek Buddhism and preach Buddhism in China. They carried Buddhist scriptures and statues on white horses, traveled mountains and rivers, and came to Luoyang in the 10th year of Yongping (AD 67)

note: in 1938, Indian doctor kodihua came to China with the Indian medical team to assist in the Anti Japanese war. He served successively in Yan'an and the North China Anti Japanese base area. He died in Tang County, Hebei Province in 1942 due to chronic overwork. He was only 32 years old. Chairman Mao Zedong wrote an elegy in his own handwriting to mourn Ke Dihua

note: the five principles of peaceful coexistence were first put forward by Premier Zhou Enlai when he met with the Indian delegation at the end of December 1953. At the end of June 1954, Premier Zhou was invited to visit India and Myanmar. The joint statement he issued with Indian Prime Minister Nehru and Myanmar Prime Minister u Nu respectively included these principles and further confirmed that they were applicable to relations with other countries in Asia and the world

note: Yoga is one of the six orthodox philosophical systems in India. Yoga and Tai Chi are both ancient health preserving methods, which help to strengthen the body and cultivate the mind. Ayurveda means "the science of life" in Sanskrit

note: Tagore is a giant of Indian literature and has won the Nobel Prize for literature. Tagore's affection for China blow molding machine is widely used in various industries. In 1937, he set up a Chinese college at the International University of India. In 1941, on his last birthday, he dictated the poem "I once set foot on the land of China", and recalled his wonderful time in China with a deep feeling. While deeply infiltrated by Chinese culture, Tagore also nurtured a number of China's most talented poets and writers

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