China will add 4500km of expressways in 2016

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China will add 4500 kilometers of expressways in 2016

China will add 4500 kilometers of expressways in 2016

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China will add about 4500 kilometers of expressways in 2016; About 16000 kilometers of newly upgraded trunk roads in Jianguo province. In addition, efforts will be made to build and rebuild 180000 kilometers of rural roads

at the 2016 national transportation work conference, Minister of transport Yang Chuantang said that next year, he would continue to implement the "going out" strategy, further strengthen transportation cooperation with central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and promote the "going out" of China's transportation capital, equipment, technical standards and services. Support enterprises to participate in the construction and operation of overseas transportation infrastructure. Improve the ability to participate in the affairs of international organizations. We will increase our participation in important international negotiations and start preparations for the mandatory performance review of IMO Member States

yangchuantang stressed that in 2016, transportation will strongly support the country's "three strategies". Serve the "the Belt and Road" strategy, accelerate the construction of six major Corridor Transportation Infrastructure main channels, improve the transportation infrastructure construction of domestic sections, and expand the international transportation network relying on coastal ports. We will make new breakthroughs in promoting the transportation integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, strengthen the innovation of systems and mechanisms and the docking of policies, regulations and standards, speed up the construction of a multi node, lattice and full coverage comprehensive transportation network, and speed up the construction of a collection and distribution channel for the new Beijing airport. We will accelerate the construction of comprehensive three-dimensional transport corridors in the Yangtze River economic belt, formulate the transport implementation plan for the outline of the development plan for the Yangtze River economic belt, organize the implementation of several opinions on promoting the scientific development of shipping in the Yangtze River, accelerate the implementation of a number of major projects such as the second phase of the 12.5m deep-water channel under Nanjing, organize the research on key technologies for the new waterway of the Three Gorges hub, and promote the transformation and upgrading of ports along the Yangtze River

in order to deepen the opening-up and cooperation of the "the Belt and Road", the Ministry of transport will further improve the top-level design of transport infrastructure connectivity, make good use of mechanisms and platforms such as the China ASEAN (10+1) transport ministers' meeting and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization transport ministers' meeting, promote the development of international transport facilitation without chemical additives in accordance with the planning standards, and promote the implementation of a number of major landmark transport projects. At the same time, it has cooperated with relevant departments to promote the construction of electronic ports, and proposed that the main power drive of the electronic universal material testing machine is the high customs clearance efficiency brought by the servo Electromechanical

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