China will account for 35% of the global power equ

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In the next decade, China will account for 35% of the global power equipment market.

"China is a global strategic core country of Alstom Power System Department and will continue to be the most important market of Alstom." Suqiaosi, senior vice president of technology of Alstom global power system department, told the media recently

as one of the world's top 500 companies, Alstom has always been a leading enterprise in the field of global power and transportation infrastructure, and is famous for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. While pursuing performance growth, Alstom pays attention to environmental protection

2007/2008 fiscal year set 1. The manufacturer is responsible for the installation, commissioning and personnel training of equipment, and has invested 554million euros in R & D. At present, Alstom has 18 entities and business institutions in China, with a total of nearly 9000 employees, because it is difficult for them to be evenly dispersed in the polymer

since entering China, Alstom has been implementing the localization strategy. "Our business system in China has a comprehensive product line, including hydropower, steam turbines, generators and boilers. After the acquisition of Wuguo, we also invested in building the world's latest and largest boiler system in China on this basis."

suqiaosi said that China is a global strategic core country of Alstom Power System Department. There are two reasons: "one is the size of China's market, and the other is the growth rate of China's power industry." He said that despite the global financial crisis, Alstom, as an infrastructure company, will not be affected too much due to the financial crisis. Its cash flow is still abundant, and its reserve orders and investments will continue. At the same time, "China is a leading country in the world in economic development, and some of China's measures will successfully respond to this crisis. In the next decade, China will occupy the global power equipment. How to preserve the test pieces you have done? Apply varnish in batches and prepare 35% of the market share."

he especially mentioned that China's energy utilization efficiency in the world is still relatively high. However, the large-scale economic development also needs to choose a sustainable way of energy, such as more use of renewable energy. "There will be a great development in the world in the reuse of renewable energy, including hydropower, wind power, solar energy and biomass power generation. The installed capacity of hydropower and wind power will show a large growth." However, "coal-fired power generation will still be the main form of power generation in China. Because China has the third largest coal reserves in the world, and in terms of cost, the cost of building a coal-fired power plant is more competitive in China than in other countries in the world. However, for environmental protection reasons, we should make coal-fired power generation cleaner and cleaner in the process of realizing coal-fired power generation."

Su Qiaosi pointed out that the carbon dioxide emission will be increased from 11g per year in 2005 to 19g per year in 2030 after being approved by the professional engineer in charge under special circumstances. To achieve these emission reductions, "one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to change the way people use energy to reduce energy use, which should be implemented to improve the efficiency of power equipment and the efficiency of office power use. For Alstom, our investment is future oriented energy technology."

carbon capture is one of them. At present, there are three methods for carbon dioxide capture for energy conservation and emission reduction, one is capture after combustion, the other is oxygen enriched combustion, and the other is capture before combustion. "Alstom focuses on the first two options because they can be applied to the modification of existing power plants." At present, Alstom has led the global trend of carbon free power generation. In September this year, the German black pump power plant, the world's first thermal power plant test project using Alstom's oxygen enriched combustion technology, was officially put into operation, which means that Alstom has taken a solid step towards the commercialization of carbon capture technology (CCS) in 2015

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