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The head of the General Administration of publication of the people's Republic of China said that the Chinese government has suspended the plan of allowing foreign newspapers to print in China, manipulate and regulate relatively simple brushes, and reduce costs through strategic procurement, because the recent "Color Revolution" against authoritarian governments in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan has aroused the concern of the Chinese authorities

shizongyuan, director of the Ge National Administration of press and publication, said in an interview with the financial times that the "Color Revolution" is a reminder: do not let vandals enter the house. The door must be closed. Therefore, the Chinese government has taken this temporary measure

Shi Zongyuan clearly linked the issue of printing foreign newspapers in China with China's national security, which may disappoint international newspaper publishers. Many publishers are eager to occupy a place in China, a market of oil dirty media with great potential

at present, foreign products are transported to Chinese Mainland by air from printing stations in Hong Kong and other regions. Their distribution is restricted to hotels and airports with a large number of foreigners, as well as approved subscribers

as the financial times first reported last year, the General Administration of publishing of China planned to allow local publishing institutions to print foreign newspapers on the basis of contracts, while retaining restrictions on distribution

information source: Financial Times

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