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INET signed the project of Sino US R & D and production center for light vehicle materials recently, Shandong INET Industrial Co., Ltd. and Dayton University held a signing ceremony for the project of "Sino US cooperative R & D and production center for advanced ultra light vehicle materials". Zhangzhenchuan, Secretary of Jining Municipal Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of Jining Municipal People's Congress, Chen Min, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of Jining Municipal Party committee, Zhou Hong, vice mayor, and Daniel collen, President of Dayton university attended the signing ceremony

as the birthplace of American aviation industry and a pioneer in the development of new material technology, Dayton University in the United States has strong strength and rich experience in the research and development of light structural materials to add high-frequency filter capacitors between the power supply and ground wire of each chip. Shandong yingteli Industrial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company. Its products cover many fields. Especially as a value transmission company, it is unique in information construction and new material development. The R & D and production projects signed by the two sides this time include the R & D center with an investment of 80million US dollars and the production base of automobile materials such as PVC pipes with a diameter of 1.5m of Inteli electric with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, which mainly research, develop and produce light electric vehicle materials, polymer materials and composite materials

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