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Chinatelecom's ten-year communication investment in Tibet exceeded 5billion, covering 3G in the Everest region. On October 9, Chinatelecom held a press conference in Beijing today on the evaluation report on the prevention and treatment effect of Jinan Kashin Beck disease for the tenth anniversary of China's assistance to Tibet. According to Guohao, assistant general manager of Chinatelecom, since Chinatelecom launched its assistance to Tibet in 2002, it has invested more than 5billion yuan in communication in Tibet, of which Bianba County, Changdu Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, has invested more than 140million yuan in assistance, and has successively sent five batches of 10 cadres in aid of Tibet on temporary posts

CIREN Zhuoma, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Bianba County, presented a banner to Mao Shejun, executive vice chairman of the trade union of China Telecom Group. According to xusui, deputy general manager of the network development department of China Telecom, in terms of infrastructure in Bianba County, Telecom has invested more than 90million yuan to implement water diversion projects, build a farmers' market, a nursing home, a trade center, a cultural and educational center, Wenguang Avenue, xiagongla Avenue A large number of infrastructure, such as the Jingmin Road, have made great efforts to change the serious lag of urban and rural infrastructure in the border dam

in terms of information construction, it has successively invested more than 16million yuan, taking the lead in implementing information construction projects such as Haoyitong coverage and expansion, township optical cable, global eye construction and expansion, video conference system and government office, promoting the information construction of the side dam, and greatly improving the information blocking situation of the side dam

more than 13million yuan has been invested in the construction of small towns. The county has implemented the construction of farm bases, new rural demonstration sites in zhasema, and pilot projects for farmers and herdsmen to become rich. The construction of vegetable greenhouses and breeding bases suitable for the needs of the county has solved the problem of vegetable baskets and led the people to shake off poverty and become rich. At the same time, the small town construction and bright project construction in Reyu, Razi, caoka, Nimu and other towns have been carried out to optimize the living environment in the towns

in terms of education, more than 4million yuan has been allocated to purchase education and teaching facilities for primary and secondary schools in the county, and provide education funds and vocational education funds. At the same time, by taking measures such as going out and inviting in, nearly 200 cadres and workers from the dam have been organized to go to the mainland for training, study, visit and investigation, and many professionals have been invited to teach in the dam

rice exchange action to control Kashin Beck disease

Chinatelecom also effectively controlled Kashin Beck disease during the period of vigorously promoting public welfare assistance to Tibet. In 1999, an expert group from the Ministry of health investigated three counties, Changdu Bianba, Luolong and Basu, and determined that Kashin Beck disease was prevalent in this area. Bianba county was classified as a serious disease area according to the type of disease area. In 2003, the employees of Chinatelecom group voluntarily donated 10.26 million yuan to provide 200 tons of rice free of charge to children under 15 weeks old in Kaschin Beck disease area every year. Since 2003, more than 2000 tons of rice have been purchased, basically solving the food consumption problem of Kashin Beck patients under the age of 15 for 10 years. More than 5000 children have benefited in the past ten years

from August 26 to September 4, 2012, the center for endemic disease control of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention organized an expert evaluation team to comprehensively evaluate the prevention and control of Kashin Beck disease in Bianba county. The evaluation results showed that Chinatelecom provided rice and other food exchange measures for the aged children in the ward, and the number of Kashin Beck patients in Bianba County decreased significantly. Export to developed countries is mainly in the middle and low end. The expert group believes that the overall condition of Kaschin Beck disease in Bianba county has been effectively controlled

zhoulingwang, director of the Kashin Beck disease prevention and Control Institute of the center for endemic disease control and prevention of the China Center for Disease Control and prevention, who presided over the assessment, said that in the past 10 years, Bianba county has implemented the action of replacing highland barley with rice from non disease areas, resulting in a sharp decrease in patients with Kashin Beck disease, especially the new incidence rate of children

in 2011, all employees of Chinatelecom initiated the establishment of a 1 yuan education and assistance fund. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, each person donated 1 yuan per month to help poor students go to school and continue to buy rice for Kashin Beck patients, so as to solve the actual difficulties of the poor people

According to xusui, over the past decade, Chinatelecom has invested more than 5billion yuan in Tibet's communications, improved communications infrastructure, continued to expand network coverage, optimized infrastructure, improved technical equipment and capacity, and effectively narrowed the information development gap between Tibet and the central and eastern regions. On the basis of basically completing the connection of optical cables in counties and townships during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the project of connecting villages (administrative villages), optical cables or broadband was further implemented during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. Basically popularize broadband from scratch. 3G networks cover all cities above the county level and about 80% of towns and townships, including the Everest region

while the development of communications in the Tibet Autonomous Region has been accelerated, the development level of communications in Changdu has also been synchronously improved and greatly improved. In terms of broadband network construction, at present, 138 townships and towns in Changdu region have all opened broadband, 80% of which have the capacity to provide 4m or more bandwidth; The accessibility rate of optical cables in villages and towns has exceeded 80%. At the same time, we vigorously promoted the "village to village" project in Changdu District, and completed the "administrative village to village" project. Among them, China Telecom completed the construction of 11 The task that the experimental report language can be converted from Chinese to English exceeds half of the total number of Changdu. In terms of mobile network coverage, CDMA network has covered all 11 counties and 138 townships in Changdu, of which 3G network has covered all 11 counties and 93% of townships, which has laid a solid communication foundation for the future economic and social development of Changdu

Guo Hao said that it is convenient to calibrate the equipment. Although the modified plastics can be achieved by measuring different methods, in the past ten years, Chinatelecom has taken three measures from simple financial assistance to intellectual assistance, industrial assistance and economic assistance to Tibet, creating a new model of poverty alleviation and assistance to Tibet that changes the blood transfusion type into blood production type

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