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China will become one of the fastest growing regions in the printing ink market recently, the globalindustryanalysts (GIA) released the latest survey report entitled printing ink: global strategic enterprise report on its official website. According to the company's research, the output value of the global printing ink market will reach US $18.2 billion in 2017. The report points out that the Asia Pacific region, especially China and India, is the fastest growing region in the printing ink market. It is expected that by 2017, the fastest compound annual growth rate of the printing ink industry in the Asia Pacific region will reach 5.5%. Among them, publishing and commercial printing ink is a growth field in Asia, and China and India are the most eye-catching countries in this field. The economic development in these areas will bring many opportunities for demand growth

from a certain point of view, the printing ink industry reflects the development of global and regional economies. As the ink industry is closely related to the national GDP, it also changes periodically with the ups and downs of the economy. Affected by the recent global economic downturn and the rise in raw material prices, the global printing ink industry will continue to face serious price pressure and is expected to grow moderately in the near future. At the same time, the industry will be in the transition to high-end digital and low energy consumption. Packaging, commercial publishing and printing are the largest end industry customers in the printing ink market

with the rapid development of China's printing industry and the gradual improvement of environmental protection requirements, more and more manufacturers will enter the water-based ink industry to compete. Since 2002, the compound annual growth rate of the total output value of China's printing industry has reached 15.39%, showing a sustained and rapid growth trend. In 2008, China achieved the development goal of 475billion yuan of total output value of printing industry. At present, there are about 600 ink manufacturers in China, and about 300 of them have a main business income of more than 5million yuan, which is completely in the state of free competition in the market

with the rapid development of printing machinery and automation, technological progress has also led to revolutionary changes in the printing ink industry. People pay more and more attention to ecological pollution, and environmental friendly inks such as vegetable inks and water-based inks are becoming more and more popular. Offset printing ink occupies the largest market share. The advantages of offset printing over other printing processes have a beneficial impact on offset printing ink

digital printing inks are becoming more and more popular. By 2017, the compound annual growth rate of the digital printing ink market will reach 3.7%. The upgrading of silk printing technology, the popularization and application of computers in various large and small companies, the establishment of internal graphic departments and express printing shops have stimulated the demand for digital printing inks. At the same time, the expansion of digital printing and inkjet printing is likely to make the field of digital printing ink develop at a high speed

the development of environment-friendly inks and the technological innovation of emerging products such as UV inks and inkjet inks have promoted the growth of the global printing ink market. Radiation curing inks and energy-saving technologies also provide a huge market opportunity to prepare the balance sheet of resources and environment. Gravure printing ink, silk printing ink, relief printing ink and other special printing inks also grew rapidly, which jointly promoted the prosperity of the ink industry

the printing ink market with excellent development trend in China has attracted more and more attention from the global industry. An ink zone will be set up at the 2012 South China International corrugation, which will be opened at Dongguan Houjie · Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center from April 11 to 13, 2012. At that time, visitors from all over the world can see a large number of ink products with a complete range. It is reported that Gongyao, Tianlong ink, bailide and other enterprises will focus on displaying the world's leading ink products, which is undoubtedly a one-stop procurement platform for the audience to learn that aluminum materials not only have high static strength new products, but also new technical information

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