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China took the lead in mastering the proprietary technology of xylene production. The first domestic toluene methanol methylation industrial plant has completed industrial operation test. China took the lead in owning the proprietary technology of toluene methanol methylation in the world. This is the news from Yangzi Petrochemical yesterday. The success of the industrial operation test of this equipment, which must be tested with an extensometer, marks that Sinopec has become the first company in the world to possess the proprietary technology of toluene methanol methylation, and has opened up a new way to combine and comprehensively utilize oil resources and coal resources

the unit is provided with process package and proprietary catalyst by Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute. Luoyang engineering company is responsible for engineering design, and Yangzi Petrochemical Company is responsible for unit construction, preparation of start-up scheme and commissioning. Insiders believe that methanol, as a derivative product of coal chemical industry, has a relatively low cost. Toluene methanol methylation technology has promoted the combination of coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry, and realized the high value-added application of coal chemical products. It is a new xylene production route with great economic and social benefits

it is reported that the toluene methanol methylation process uses methanol as the methylation reagent to efficiently convert toluene into xylene. The unit is based on the transformation of Yangzi Petrochemical's original 200000 t/a toluene shape selective disproportionation unit, with petroleum product toluene and coal chemical product methanol as raw materials, and the production of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) raw material p-xylene as the target product. The designed toluene processing capacity of the unit is 200000 t/A, which can produce 240000 T/a high-quality mixed aromatics. After putting into operation, it is expected to significantly reduce the production cost of p-xylene

it is understood that with the capacity expansion of domestic PTA plants, the contradiction between the upstream and downstream of p-xylene and PTA is becoming more and more prominent, and the downstream PTA has excess capacity and the upstream p-xylene resources are in short supply

since the 1970s, many companies at home and abroad have carried out research and development on methylation of toluene and methanol. So far, there has been no report on commercial operation. Sinopec Shanghai Research Institute of petrochemical industry initiated the industrial side line test of toluene methylation technology in 2009. They have successively completed the industrial side line test and the development and design of 200000 t/a process package, and successfully developed high-performance toluene methylation catalyst, multi bed reaction process, wastewater treatment process, thermal combination and low-temperature thermal utilization to ensure the integrity of the masonry; To ensure the uniform heating process of bricks for masonry within the range of thermal expansion requirements, the company applied to change the 1 extensive plastic granulator into a combination, and the intelligent plastic granulator can use any general commercial data processing software to process the data twice. The company has domestic and foreign patents covering catalytic materials, catalysts and process technology, and has the technical conditions to take the lead in realizing the industrialization of toluene methylation technology in the world

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